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Even though nothing can be more instinctive than choosing the best weed in California, considering marijuana is a silly idea as if we all know that all pot is good. From the bottom to the bag appeal up to high-quality crystals and pistil of the weeds. 

California has known for having high-quality cannabis, such as its famous Humboldt County strain. They are blessed for having a great different kind of cannabis. Having a lot of famous genetics from their region, California is considered to be the great market for having high potent weed trends.

The following are the ten best weed in California that you can consider.

Top Best Weed in California

  1. Gelato

This strain originated from the famous growers of Cookie Farm Genetics, which is considered to be the makers of another feature of the most well-known weed strain in California. Gelato is a hybrid that results from combining the Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 

This strain is the best weed in California. It is known for having a high THC amount that ranges from 20 to 25 % that can immediately punch you upon smoking. You can feel relaxed and euphoric effects that quickly show especially for inexperienced patients. However, those experience consumers can find Gelato a great kind of strain that gives creative effects during the day and gives relaxation during the night. Just take note of the right dosage to prevent having a couch-lock experience.

  1. Sour Diesel

This strain is like a staple that grips respect in the most major cannabis market in California. Even though other consumers don’t like tasting funky fuel taste, the cerebral high that it gives will still be worth it. Sour Diesel is the result after crossing the Mexican Sativa with the Chemdog. It gives an uplifting effect that can be able to help you get up and be more productive throughout the day, making it an ideal strain to pair with a warm sunny day in California.

  1. Wedding Cake

This strain has a sweet and earthy flavor that also known as Pink Cookies. A wedding cake is a result of combining the Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. It is a well-founded source of powerful euphoria with a high THC amount that leaves you a feeling stoned after a few smoke. Having an immobilizing influence makes it the most strain that California is looking for.

  1. Green Crack

Regardless of having a hostile name, this strain is the go-to cannabis for many cannabis users in Golden State. With mostly Sativa content, Green Crack strain is popular for helping the user survive the day even more beautifully as it can fight against stress, fatigue, and depression. This strain can provide focus and an uplifting effect that keeps you more creative, happy to be the best way to conquer a bad day.

  1. Sherbert

Sherbert is the result after combining the Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties strain. California’s very own Sherbinski breeds it. This strain can give different experiences that begin with the cerebral into thought engaging to be relaxed. It has a chill kind of great high that you can try if you are seeking a great treat that comes from the Golden State.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most favorite cannabis strains in the Bay Area. It has mostly Indica content that came from the result after combining the OG Kush with Durban Poison. This cannabis strain has remained in reputation over the last few years that even ranks #2 in the California market. GSC was bred by a famous industry of Cookie Family during the mid-90s and became famous in 2010. 

Girl Scout Cookies contain a high THC amount that ranges from 18 to 23 % makes it the ideal choice for patients looking for long-lasting relief and those who trouble getting sleep. GSC gives a soaring euphoric high that deeply relaxed you during nighttime. It can also boost your appetite during the afternoon after consuming it.

  1. Granddaddy Purple

This one is the most iconic cannabis strain in California. Granddaddy Purple is treasured by not only patients that need its effect but also recreational consumers around the world. This strain is famous across the nation and earned a place of California’s most popular weeds. It has mostly Indica content and became the result after combining the Big Bud with Purple Urkle. 

Granddaddy Purple is known for providing an intense body high that can be able to leave many consumers the couch-locked experience even after consuming a small dosage.

  1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a true classic iconic weed known for creating sticky and thick resinous buds. This strain gives an invigorating euphoria that makes it belong to the most popular weed in California. Jack Herer gets its name from an American Cannabis activist and author of an iconic novel. 

This strain is coming from a three-way combination of Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. The combining genetics of the strain is popular for creating mostly Sativa effects identified by cerebral clarity and high euphoria. This strain is considered to be the legend among the cannabis weeds that give a powerful high. It can even make your walk-in Venice Beach much better.

  1. Purple Punch

By combining the Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple created this Purple Punch strain. This weed has to buzz with an earthy and fruity flavor that you can enjoy while watching California sunset. A lot of strain connected with Purple Punch is known for having deep relaxing effects that are ideal to consume during the day.

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cannabis hybrid that tops the chart in many major markets such as the California market. Falling directly from Golden State, this strain is the result after combining the Haze Sativa with Blueberry Indica. It is probably a 50-50 weed, but because it develops a unique cerebral high, many consumers mistakenly identified it as the most Sativa hybrid. 

This strain provides very fine cerebral effects that can make you feel powerful, creative, and at the same time, euphoric experience. Many consumers considered Blue Dream as the ideal daytime smoke for everyone.


Now you know the best weed in California and can choose from any of them or take them all. You can grow Blue Dream, Gelato, or any Californian cannabis strain you prefer indoors or outdoors, getting the best yields ever.

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