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For chronic pain patients, medicinal weeds can mean alleviation from continual, life-transforming pain. Whether these patients are agonizing from chronic pain illnesses such as fibromyalgia or suffer from a pain that is associated with the medication of other ailments such as cancer, medical weeds can help enhance the quality of life of a patient by alleviating common reasons of pain such as inflammation.

To people who have not tried some best weed for pain, it can be hard to perceive and understand just how much diversity occurs within all these cannabis strains. However, selecting the correct strain can essentially enhance the level of pain in just a short period. 

How Weed Becomes an Effective Treatment to Pain

Years equating to unscientific proofs direct to the adeptness of weeds to alleviate chronic pain ailments. Recently, scientific and medical communities are coming with what the numerous supporters of marijuana have learned for years. 

Based on studies, the use of weed for medicinal purposes, specifically for chronic pain, is backed up by a variety of proofs. A study has demonstrated that weeds enhance the quality of life, diminish the adverse effects of other treatments, and lower opioid consumption with an average of 64 percent.

The body makes chemicals that resemble cannabis and these chemicals impact different processes such as pain and inflammation. It is believed that cannabis works efficiently to alleviate chronic discomfort because of the natural cannabinoid receptors that we have in our bodies. Although more study requires to be executed to exactly confirm how weed works to alleviate pain.


THC is similar to the cannabinoid chemicals that naturally exist in the body. Once a person inhales or ingests THC, it prompts the cannabinoid receptors of the brain.

This stimulates the reward system of the brain and diminishes the level of pain. THC is known to be a psychoactive compound as it brings together the cannabinoid receptors and releases a heightened state of mind which is known as high.

CBD does not create a high, although it collaborates with pain receptors present in the brain to put anti-inflammatory and pain-alleviating effects.

What is the Best Weed for Pain – High in THC or High in CBD?

Similar to cannabis strains, all pain is unique. Some pain is triggered by inflammation, and researchers have demonstrated that both THC and CBD can help combat pain. Most essentially, both cannabinoids are perceived to help alleviate inflammation straight from the spot of infection or wound.

Furthermore, CBD calms the pain signals while they make their direction to the brain and are discerned, while THC can control the pain both from the musculoskeletal and brain level. For inflammation, a cannabis strain with the ideal ratio of THC and CBD is optimal, with higher THC possibly more ideal for muscle pain.

Other pain is triggered by the injury to the nervous system. It is sometimes brought by an injury to the nerves themselves. In other instances, it is caused by illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis strains that have THC and CBD may help control and calm the pain. However, there are some instances of nerve pain – most noticeably, the pain triggered by chemotherapy – which can only be alleviated by CBD. THC may intrude on the execution of chemotherapy medications.

Lastly, there is a category called “central pain”, which is a term used to explain that the cause of the pain is not known. The perfect example is fibromyalgia. Nevertheless, there is no sufficient discussion on whether CBD, THC or both are accountable.

There are other factors to be considered:

  • Most of the patients involved in pain evaluations narrate better outcomes when using Indica strains. Indica strains that have high CBD content are perceived to weigh the burden if cannabis is consumed purely for pain alleviation. Nevertheless, there is still sufficient proof to imply that a more balanced ratio of CBD and THC can be the best choice.
  • Sativa strains containing high ratios of THC to CBD may seem to be the most efficient for pain alleviation since one can get very high that he forgets about the pain. Nevertheless, they tend to be less efficient over time, and one is missing out on the majority of the medicinal advantages of non-psychedelic CBD.
  • It is difficult to achieve much fruitful work done if you are stoned out of your mental clarity. For that thing, a lot of patients who like to alleviate pain but stay functional choose strains that have a low content of THC. Nonetheless, there is a risk; most of low-THC Indica cannabis strains are also popular for their tranquilizing effects, so rather of getting blown, you may result in falling asleep. Again, getting the proper balance of your specific condition is the key.
  • Lastly, THC is not permitted in many places. CBD, on the other hand, is uncontrolled and accessible in almost any place.

List of Best Weeds for Pain

There are plenty of components in weeds that share their anesthetic effects. A lot of cannabis strains were known to provide pain-alleviating effects and these are the reasons why many patients are referring to them. Here are some of the best weed for pain:

White Widow

White Widow is one of the equally proportioned Sativa and Indica hybrids which is very efficient in treating depression and chronic pain. The strain creates a nice body buzz although a distinct mental high that is cerebral and uplifting, letting you manage with the pain without turning zoned out. A lot of people think that this is the best option for migraines.

There is a significant admonition here, though: the strain is relatively potent, thus it should be consumed on average for pain-alleviating effects. Else way, consider spending some quality time on the couch, working to manage your speeding thoughts.

Blue Dream

There are so many great things about Blue Dream even before you obtain its pain-alleviating features, such as its flavorful blueberry taste and its high content of THC which directs to a potent, soothing high. Do not allow that to fool you, though, because it is not the strain that keeps you lie on your back. There is also a heightening in motivation and concentration, so the balance aids chronic pain while letting you perform well.

Blue Dream can be the best strain if you are suffering from migraine headaches. However, its capability to handle nearly any kind of pain makes it a prominent selection for depression, injury recovery, and muscle pain.

Master Kush

Master Kush is dominated by Indica, however, its THC content is quite high. But what catches more our attention is its efficiency to treat body pain, specifically arthritis. Its euphoric high creates a numbing impact on the body. The numbing does not expand to the brain and one can still perform quite well while having this strain onboard.

Too much consumption of Master Kush may lead to anxiety and dizziness, and any of its usages can direct to the munchies. This strain is an excellent option for medicating eating disorders or reestablishes appetite after an ailment. Nonetheless, this strain is best recommended for chronic pains and body aches.


A lot of people who try a strain that has a high content of THC find that they cannot conquer the psychedelic effects and finish everything, regardless of how energizing or uplifting the high can be. 

Harlequin is the best alternative. It is Sativa-dominant but it also has a very high content of CBD, with less than 10 percent of THC. Thus, there is no actual jeopardy of brain fog while the CBD acts on chronic pain concerns. Any effect you may sense will be gentle and pleasant.

There is a broad array of conditions for which this strain is shown to be effective: nerve pain and fibromyalgia, joint pain and arthritis, nausea, and menstrual cramps. 

Critical Mass

On the contrary, this is the strain if you intend the pain to ease off before you clamber into the bed. Critical Mass is an Indica-dominant with a high content of THC, which dulls the body and tranquilized the brain for several hours. This makes the Critical mass a tremendous strain for insomniacs, although it can also do an amazing job in alleviating pain triggered by fibromyalgia.


Based on the National Pain Report, ACDC is found to be one of the best strains for pain alleviation because of its high content of CBD. These chemicals, known as cannabinoids, serve as neurotransmitters in the brain. This may create the blissful and pain-inhibiting effects narrated by medicinal cannabis users. 

ACDC provides pain alleviation without intoxication because of its comparable low THC content. This leads the strain to be an excellent option for chronic pain patients who like to retain their alertness throughout the day.

La Confidential

This prominent Indica strain is praised because of its compelling body and mind effects. People who are suffering from severe chronic pain commonly have victory with this strain, not just for relieving the pain but also for the alleviation of lingering effects such as stress, loss of appetite, and nausea. As a perk, enthusiasts of this strain also narrate an artistic, psychoactive experience.

Death Star

With parents Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, Death Star is a compelling strain that makes an enduring euphoria that prompts a state of euphoric relaxation. Some consumers also demonstrated alleviation from nausea and depression. If you are searching for pain alleviation that will bring you from daytime to nighttime, this strain can be the best for you.

Tangerine Dream

While a lot of pain-alleviating strains offer a calming effect, Tangerine Dream is said to improve energy while relieving chronic pain that can affect the quality of life. If your schedule is very hectic and you do not like the pain to bother you, this strain can help you. It can calm your muscles and cut down inflammation without destroying mental clarity.

Mendo Breath

Being an Indica strain, Mendo Breath can cut down even the relentless chronic pain, although its body-calming effects make it ideal for nighttime consumption. Mendo Breath is a hybrid of Mendo Montage and OGKB and is described by some consumers as an efficient treatment for nausea, insomnia, and depression.

Common Pain Symptoms Treated by Weeds

For a lot of patients, weed is an effective treatment for pain-related conditions. Every patient is unique, nevertheless, and the impacts of weeds for pain may vary upon the intensity and the kind of pain, as well as the unique physiology of the patient. 

Some of the common pain symptoms which were treated by weeds include the following:

  • Spinal injury
  • Inflammation
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Cramps
  • Muscle soreness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches

You will know the best strain for your pain if you consult your doctor. Some terpenes and cannabinoids relieve and affect some spots of pain. Nevertheless, since everyone’s encounter with a strain is quite different, it is best to try these weeds first to determine if they are the best ones for your pain concern. You may also consider experimenting with various forms of weeds, such as vaping oil, smoking flower, transdermal patches, topicals, and edibles. Smoking and vaping immediately offer painkilling features, although the other methods are also worth trying.


It is understood that life can be tougher especially if you are suffering from chronic pain. It can turn simple things complicated and complicated things intolerable. Whether you decide to alleviate your pain by using the best weed for pain, we hope that the listed cannabis strains can provide help to you.

As with all medical conclusions, please refer to your physician before getting into any final decision. It is always best to receive professional advice especially if it concerns your health and your safety. Remember that each strain may work depending on the kind of pain that you feel. You cannot simply choose any strain without thoroughly evaluating it.

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