The Best Way to Store Weed

best way to store weed

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When it comes to storing your weed, the technique you choose will determine how long you can use those taste buds. Storing your weed is a good method for smokers to maintain the quality and efficacy of Cannabis. That’s why for smokers, it is important to know what is the best way to store weed to achieve perfect buds for smoking.

As you may know, moisture buildup can lead to molds, and molds are not a sight you want to see in your buds. If you are storing marijuana buds for future use, then might as ell give our article a try. In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to store weed and how can they be beneficial for your buds.

Best Way to Store Weed and Elements That Will Destroy Your Weed

Cured cannabis has still its demons to fight for it to be stored correctly. Four known cannabis enemies are naturally active, they are moisture, light, air, and temperature. These four are the ultimate factors that will determine the success of storing marijuana as they play the villain role in spoiling your buds.

We’ll discuss each of these four and how they degrade the overall quality of your weed and what method is ideal to store your weed.

1. Light

Many factors accumulate in the degradation of your cannabis buds but there’s one ultimate factor that will spoil your cannabis buds, and that is the light. The same ways can be said when UV rays will make the color of your car look dull, the same can be said with Marijuana buds when they are directly exposed from directed sunlight, the chemical compounds and terpenes of your cannabis bud will slowly deteriorate and inevitable degrade your Marijuana.

As direct sunlight to your buds will burn up most of the valuable compounds in your cannabis buds, you should store them to the place where there is no direct exposure to sunlight. A dark container is one of e the best way to store weed because they can be easily placed in any places that you want.

Keeping your containers in a cool and dark place is the best suitable way to store your favorite cannabis buds.

2. Air

Another big factor when it comes to the degradation of the quality of your Marijuana buds is oxygen level. When there are high concentrations of oxygen, it speeds up the deterioration process of your favorite buds. However, little concentrations of oxygen may also lead to molds and mildews. A little bit in between is the key to storing your marijuana.

To prevent too much or too little oxygen, the appropriate method to store your weed is to vacuum seal it. although this may not be too particular for smokers who don’t have vacuum sealers lying in their home. However, there’s also a good alternative to vacuum sealing, and that is jars or containers with lids. Be sure that your containers are airtight and free from unwanted cracks that may seep in your container or jar.

Be sure when choosing the best jar or container, make sure that it is not too big nor too small for the buds. Because excess oxygen trapped inside may speed up the degradation process of your weed inside. We highly recommend jars and containers that can hold your buds easily without crowding, when crowding of cannabis occurs inside the jar, humidity is trapped, and when humidity is trapped, molds and mildews are formed.

3. Moisture

One of the best factors molds love is Moisture. That’s why for you to preserve your marijuana buds, it is the best interest to keep them dry. But keeping them dry may also lead to the degradation of your marijuana, that’s why smokers who store a lot of weed should emphasize on maintaining proper levels of humidity if you want to store cannabis long term.

The right amount of humidity is around 59 to 63 RH. The best way to monitor humidity is to purchase humidity control solutions. Humidity controlling solution is the best products to maintain moisture when storing marijuana. They are specifically designed containers for marijuana that are made to discharge and absorb moisture when needed. What’s good about these humidity controlling products is that they can be used for over 5 years!

4. Temperature

Overly high temperatures can deteriorate terpenes and burn other chemical compounds in your cannabis buds, the same with direct exposure to sunlight. When cannabis buds are stored at high temperature, they often exude unpleasant and weird flavors that you wouldn’t like. Most molds and mildews proliferate when temperatures range around 78 to 86 degrees.

The optimal way to store marijuana is not to try to exceed that threshold, any temperature below that is safe but not way too low. For most people, they often store their marijuana in a cool and dark place. However, picking the best spot may not be as easy as you would’ve imagined.

It is because there are a lot of things you can associate with a cool and dark place, just like the refrigerator. Refrigerators may not be an ideal spot to store your buds as they often hover around low temperatures, a bad sign due to molds. Freezers can also be associated with cool and dark place, the freezing temperature emitted by the freezer will help lose the consistency and overall quality of your buds. Therefore, the best definition of a cool and dark place should be in your cabinet, in the corner, and in a dark place.


Storing your favorite cannabis buds may not be as easy as you would’ve liked. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best way to store weed. however, with our helpful guidelines, you should know by now the best way to store weed and maintain its overall quality and potency.

Lastly, properly storing your cannabis buds will prevent molds and mildews from forming. Also, keeping them in a cool dry place is beneficial to not lose all those terpenes and other chemical compounds. Our article should suffice everything that you want to have successful cannabis storage.

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