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If you’ve ever smoked a preroll of Jack Herer only to find yourself keyed into the scene in front of you, well, you’ve just realized how impactful cannabis can be for studying and focusing. 

Cannabis consumers have long been looking for ways to combine their favorite strains with essential activities. Some cannabis consumers have found that certain cannabinoids can help them to focus. Other consumers note that high levels of THCV can support the energy expenses they need to get their studying done for the day.

No matter what your goals are with cannabis, finding a way to functionally utilize strains for the study season can be beneficial for you, your mental health, and your educational wellness.

Cannabinoids, Studying & You

When we look at the cannabis plant we can break it down in a variety of different ways. While some people like to look at strains in categories like Indica and Sativa. For studying, however, we prefer to target strains that are high in certain cannabinoids, said to instill better focus.

A few of the cannabinoids you will want to keep an eye on for the purposes of improving your ability to study are:

  • CBG – Cannabigerol, also known as CBG, is a minor cannabinoid that can manifest in trace amounts within certain strains. CBG is said to supply individuals with the ability to focus.
  • CBD – Cannabidiol is the compound within cannabis most thanked for its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD helps to instill a sense of calm and peacefulness that can leave you feeling focused rather than stressed.
  • CBN – Ostensibly related to sleep relief and support for insomnia, cannabinol is also said to support focus and relaxation. Certain studies have been conducted on CBN and its impact on ADHD with promising results.

Best Cannabis Strains For Studying

With a better understanding of how cannabis can create a balanced high great for studying, let’s take a closer look at a few of the strains most revered for these benefits. Some of these strains will sound familiar while others may be new to you. 

Either way, buckle up and get prepared to get the grade with help from Mary Jane.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa landrace from South Africa. Typically sporting high levels of THC and THCV, Durban Poison promotes an excellent uplifting effect not dissimilar to a shot of espresso. An invigorating profile of piney and spicy cannabinoids adds a lot to the whole experience. 

The Durban Poison strain hails from South Africa, where the continent has enjoyed cannabis cultivation since the 14th century, led by Dutch colonization before spreading throughout the rest of South Africa.

Durban Poison features medium-sized buds with dense structures that are typically coated in green leaves and orange pistils. High tests on the strain showcase THC levels north of 25% with minimal, if any, CBD present.

Consumers of Durban Poison report that the strain can add a sense of mindfulness that helps to dissuade depression, PTSD, and even anxiety. Along with the potent cerebral high, smokers will enjoy a sense of calm and focus that may border on jittery in individuals sensitive to THC.

CBD Harlequin

Most of this list will be comprised of THC-dominant strains that feature an uplifting Sativa tilt to them. CBD Harlequin is the one strain on our list that focuses more on the CBD side of things than the THC side. CBD-rich strains are ideal for individuals sensitive to THC but still looking to enjoy the uplifting benefits.

Harlequin is considered Sativa-dominant but its CBD-rich body allows for a more mellow buzz that can easily help students to focus on the work ahead of them. With CBD:THC ratios typically around 5:2, students and individuals alike will be able to stay calm while they stay focused on the task ahead.

The Harlequin CBD strain first rose to prominence as a product of several 70s classics: Swiss, Thai, and Gold sativa landraces. 

Green Crack

With a name like Green Crack, it is easy to see why energy-deprived college students may reach for this strain. Green Crack is a classic sativa that was originally brought into the world under the name Cush. After being renamed by cannabis legend Snoop Dogg, Green Crack would become one of the most popular sativa strains in the industry.

The history of Green Crack is a little obscure but some say that it can be traced back to Athens, GA, in the 70s where it came down from the original Skunk #1 strain. Some cannabis enthusiasts argue that the strain is also backed by Afghani Landrace genetics.

Green Crack offers THC levels in the mid-20s with minimal if any amounts of CBD. A hybridized classic with a Sativa-dominant lean, Green Crack can keep you fueled and ready to go when studying becomes a priority.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an iconic strain named after the lifelong cannabis activist, and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. An influential resource not just for cannabis historians but also for the future of the industry, Jack Herer’s work lives on in the strain named after his efforts.

The Jack Herer strain rose to prominence in the early 90s after it was grown by Sensei Seeds. Jack Herer features an uplifting high that retains mental functionality, bridging the gap between physical and cerebral effects. While ostensibly an uplifting Sativa, Jack Herer does promote well-rounded effects that include deep bodily relaxation and a reduction in stress.

If you want to stay awake while staying focused on whatever your project demands, consider lighting up a little Jack Herer to lead the way.

Lemon Haze

If notes of citrus and fuel sound appealing to you, grind up some Lemon Haze to fill your bowl for your next study session. This upbeat Sativa strain offers individuals a fresh and focused buzz backed by a jolt of energy. Popular for not just studying but any sort of social interaction, Lemon Haze has become a favorite in recreational and functional smoker circles everywhere.

Lemon Haze was bred by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze, a pungent Sativa, and a high-functioning hybrid. A long-lasting high gives consumers the perfect strain for late-night study binges. With the tastes of herb and lemon, consumers will enjoy the sensory distortion that slowly creeps over their body and mind.

Lemon Haze is a notoriously uplifting strain, so it can also be utilized to combat depression, anxiety, and other discomforts.


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