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The legalization of cannabis has allowed cannabis enthusiasts to further explore the advantages of marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes. Not only that, but it has allowed cannabis consumers to also grow cannabis in the spaces of their homes. The good thing is that marijuana is a diverse plant.

Being a diverse plant, cannabis can be cultivated in different methods and the most popular is via traditional methods or using soil as the medium. Finding the best soil for cannabis is very important in the traditional method. The soil will allow your plants to feed on the much-needed plant nutrients.

You must know that different types of soils are generally used in cultivating plants in general. The type of soil will affect the entire growth process of your plants. It is crucial to retaining vital nutrients and water. A healthy cannabis plant needs healthy soil. 

Once you have decided to grow your using soil as your medium, it is important to know which type of soil do you have and how to achieve a healthy soil for your plant. Soil, being the top mist layer of the earth contains mixtures of rock particles, organic remains, and clay. 

Not all soil is healthy and compatible with your cannabis plant. Choosing the best soil for cannabis should contain several characteristics that will make it compatible with a marijuana plant.

Here’s What you Need to Look for in Finding the Best Soil for Cannabis

1. Nutrient Makeup

The soil should be rich in nutrients for your cannabis plant to grow. Fortunately, most soil that is commercially sold is already rich in nutrients and minerals and if you are lucky enough to have rich soil in the area then there is no need to buy mixed soil.

2. pH Level

The needed pH level for the cannabis plant is 6.0. A pH between 5.8 and 6.0 is fine. Anything lower or higher than that is not good.

3. Water Retention and Water Drainage

The best soil for cannabis should have both good water retention and drainage to keep a good flow of water and retain water to keep the plant hydrated.

Texture – the texture of the soil will make room for the air to flow to the roots.

What Are the Types of Soil?

There are four major types of spoils and each different from one another. The four types of soil are:

1. Silty Soil

This type of soil is very rich in organic particles and in-plant minerals. Silty soil has good water retention and drainage which allows water to move to the roots and can be held by the roots. This type of soil is so easy to work with if you are growing your cannabis plant. Silty soils are healthy and fertile soil which because of the natural nutrients that it contains.

2. Clay Soil

Clay soil is a type of soil that is characterized by heavy and thick structures. This soil is not the best soil for cannabis. The thickness will not let the air and water pass through so easily. It does not allow the air or water to flow so easily. It is difficult to transport nutrients from the soil to the plants. Plant growers do not recommend using clay soil in growing cannabis.

3. Sandy Soil

This soil has the best drainage but poor water retention. It cannot hold the water for a long time. This type of soil has a low pH level, has a coarse structure, and has good water and airflow.

4. Loamy Soil

Perhaps the best soil for cannabis or any plant in general. This soil is a combination of the three other types of soil. Loamy soils are rich in nutrients that the plant needs. Likewise, it is abundant in minerals and oxygen. It keeps good air and water flow and also can hold water to the roots.

What is the Best Soil for Cannabis?

The best soil for cannabis should have good water retention, healthy nutrient makes up, good drainage has the right pH and good texture. Good soil should allow plants to get enough water and nutrients as well as airflow. Good soil is commercially sold and there is a variety to choose from. Here’s a list of highly recommended soil products or best soil for cannabis.

1. Nature’s Living Soil

This is a very popular brand of soil and is widely available in the market. It very healthy in plant nutrients and minerals. You will no longer need commercial fertilizer if you are going to use this type of soil. Nature’s Living Soil is already packed with vitamins and minerals that your plant will feed on as it develops.

2. FoxFarm FX14047

A leading brand trusted by cannabis growers, FoxFarm FX14047 is known to be a healthy soil that possesses all the qualities that you need for healthy soil. This potting soil provides your cannabis plant with much-needed nutrients and minerals. It has good drainage which allows water and air to move freely. It can also retain water so your plant can stay hydrated. The FoxFarm FX14047 has the correct pH level that is required by your plants.

3. FoxFarm FX14000

Perfect soil for indoors growing, FoxFarm FX14000 has the right pH level, good drainage, and contains nutrients and minerals that the cannabis plant needs to grow healthy. This soil is made of aged forest products, worm castings, and guano. 

4. Coco Loco Soil Mix

The perfect kind of soil when you are planting seeds because the temperature stays the same and does not goes up. It has very good water retention which is perfect for keeping your plants hydrated. The Coco Loco Soil Mix is rich in needed nutrients and minerals for your plants to grow healthy.

The list we have is just a few of the many soils that are good at growing cannabis. In finding the best soil for cannabis, it is not enough that the soil is healthy and rich in much-needed minerals. The best soil for cannabis should have all the above-mentioned characteristics. So if you decide on growing your cannabis using soil, consider the tips we shared in looking for the best soil.

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