Top 5 Best Autoflowering Seeds for Beginners

Best Autoflowering Seeds

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In general, autoflowering marijuana seeds tend to be some of the easiest strains to grow on the market because of how their Cannabis ruderalis genetics allow them to be so. Thanks to their ruderalis traits, they will automatically flower (won’t depend on the photoperiod to flower), are hardy and resilient plants, and are very quick to grow. That said, autoflowering marijuana strains really are known for being some of the most ideal plants for beginners to start with.

However, while autoflowering strains are generally easy to grow, there are still some of them that stand out really well and are considered the easiest strains to cultivate. So, if you are interested in knowing the best autoflowering seeds for beginners, here are some strains you should look out for:

  • Easy Bud

The name already explains what you need to know. Easy Bud really is an easy bud to grow because and is a strain that is perfect for beginners simply because of how simple it is to cultivate even for someone who has minimal or even no experience in growing marijuana plants. In that sense, there probably is no other plant that is as easy to cultivate as Easy Bud.

Easy Bud comes with a taste and aroma profile that is centered around a lemony and citrusy flavor that also tends to be herbaceous at times. In terms of its effects, it is no surprise that it is not a potent strain because of its ruderalis genetics. But, even though it only has THC levels of about 12%, it is a pretty solid strain to use at night because of how relaxing it is and how it makes you feel great without an intense psychoactive high.

Growing Easy Bud is not a difficult task. This strain is as short as they come and is ideal for stealth growing. On top of that, it easily grows anywhere and in any kind of climate while also providing you with generous yields for such a short plant. Easy Bud will be ready for harvest in a minimum of about 8 weeks.

  • Critical Auto

The Critical strain was already a pretty easy plant to grow for beginners. However, its autoflowering variant makes things a lot easier. Critical Auto comes from the Critical strain, which is one of the most popular names in Europe due to its award-winning status. And because it is an autoflowering strain, Critical Auto just became one of the better and easier strains to grow in the market while retaining the best qualities you can expect from Critical.

Critical Auto smells and tastes pretty nice in its own unique way. It really does not stand out in that department but it is still one of the better strains in terms of how pleasant and enticing it is since it comes with a sweet and minty flavor that is quite rare. Meanwhile, its effects are a good mix of Sativa and Indica in the sense that it gives you a good energetic high alongside a pleasant body-relaxing buzz that is not too heavy due to this strain’s low THC levels.

When you are cultivating Critical Auto, it usually is better to grow this strain in warm climates but it can also thrive really well in cold regions due to its ruderalis genetics. It is a very quick strain to grow and will only take about 7 to 9 weeks for it to be ready for harvest. On top of that, it is one of the most generous autoflowering strains in the market when it comes to its yields.

  • Northern Lights Auto

Easily a classic name in the entire cannabis industry, Northern Lights has reached legendary status and has become an all-time great. Moreover, this name is also responsible for being the parent strains of the first-ever autoflowering strain, the Lowryder. That means that its genetics are fit for autoflowering marijuana buds. Its autoflowering counterpart carries all of its great attributes in a package that is friendly for beginner cultivators.

Northern Lights Auto has the usual sweet taste of Northern Lights, which traces its flavor to the Afghani landrace strain. When it comes to its effects, it does have a high that is not on par with the regular Northern Lights but is quite ideal for beginners because of how mild it is at delivering a relaxing and body-heavy indica effect. In that sense, it is quite pleasant for a good evening of relaxation.

Cultivating Northern Lights Auto is not a hard task to do. This strain is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing and is typically a very short plant that will not demand much of your time land effort. It has a quick 8-week flowering time that will yield you a really generous harvest when compared to the other autoflowering strains on the market.

  • Quick One

Like Easy Bud, Quick One really lives up to its name and is a strain that does not give you a lot of problems because of how easy it is to grow and how quick it is to be ready for harvest. Quick One was one of the earliest autoflowering strains to be developed and is only a few years younger than the Lowryder. That means that it was specifically meant to be just as easy a bud to grow as the original Cannabis ruderalis strain because of how its genetics are closely tied to it.

Quick One has a lemony and citrusy taste and aroma profile that makes it a good strain for those who want a bud that easy on the taste buds and light on the nose as well. Its effects will not make you feel heavy because it has THC levels of about 13%. That means that it is also perfect for beginner users as it comes with a mildly sedating effect that will not give you an intense psychoactive type of high.

True to its name, Quick One is one of the fastest strains to grow on the market and will be ready for harvest in about 6 to 8 weeks. It is also pretty easy to cultivate because of how its ruderalis genetics allows it to be hardy and resilient to bad weather conditions as well as to other adverse factors such as pests and diseases.

  • Jack Herer Auto

Coming from the Jack Herer strain, which is one of the most recognizable sativas on the market because of how it was named after one of the best figures in the cannabis industry, Jack Herer Auto is sort of like the mini version because of how it carries Jack Herer’s great attributes but in a package that is smaller and a lot easier to grow.

Jack Herer Auto has a taste and aroma that is smooth to both your tongue and your nose and carries a really good herbal kind of flavor that has hints of spice and citrus underneath. Its effects might not be as strong as Jack Herer but it delivers a pretty energetic type of sativa high that helps boost your creativity and mood. 

It is quite easy to manage Jack Herer Auto because it will not grow as tall as its regular counterpart. That means that you no longer need to prune or train it. Due to its ruderalis genetics, it can easily withstand cold weather conditions and the adverse effects that come with it. That said, expect that this plant will not give you a lot of problems while you are growing it. It will be ready for harvest in about 9 or so weeks.

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