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About Devil’s Crack

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  1. Did you know that Devil’s Crack is a combination of three homegrown powerful strains – Original Skunk, Afghani Strain and a White Strain? Each of these strains have established good reputations on their own. We conducted an experiment to see whether the three strains would prove to be a good combination. The output of such experiment is a strain that is robust, strong, and relatively easy to grow. As an Indica dominant variety, it can offer you satisfying yields.
  2. To enjoy the preservation of its smell and flavor, patience is needed in curing the buds properly right after harvesting. The harvest time for Devil’s Crack usually occurs around October, that is, for growing in an outdoor environment. With indoor growing, however, it may take about 50 to 65 days from the flowering phase. After this, it is highly important to be patient when curing the buds right after harvest in order to experience the maximum potential of the strain.
  3. Smoking the Devil’s Crack requires moderation – unless you would want to feel spacey and zoned out! The smoke produced by this strain is a really tasty one, resulting to an uplifting and energetic high. However, everything should be done in moderation, including smoking this strain, unless you would want to experience feeling spacey, and zoned out effect. The effect may also last for about an hour and a half.
  4. Interested in feeling happy, giggly and light hearted after a smoke? The Devil’s Crack can give you an awesome feeling for sure. When smoked in moderation, you will certainly love the after-high effects of this strain. You will certainly feel a light heart and head after. Your room will be filled with laughter and giggles, allowing you to feel extremely pleased and fantastic. This is a recommended strain if you still want to stay productive during the day because you will only experience a light and mild high.
  5. Despite having a strong and aggressive name, did you know that Devil’s Crack is actually heavenly because of its potency, smell and taste? The Devil’s Crack got its name from, you guessed it, the strength and aggressive nature of this strain. It is so devilish, showing some flaming energy charge as a result of the potency of this strain. However, on the brighter side, despite the fierce name, this strain is known to give you a taste of heaven, and everything else pleasant.
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