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420 friendly hotels

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As recreational cannabis gaining a lot of ground across the world while its medical legalization, as well as decriminalization, continues to create change, it paved the way for a very promising industry—pot tourism. 

As many countries around the world are trying to figure out how to properly address the public consumption of cannabis through regulations, as a tourist who loves cannabis, it might have crossed your mind what places in the world is best to go to smoke weed or perhaps what are the best 420 friendly hotels out there. 

Pot tourism is a growing industry, and it’s been very popular in recent years. There are now numerous hotels, Airbnb, resorts, and small inns scattered around the world that let their guests enjoy cannabis without any restrictions (except that they are not allowed to smoke pot in their room). Just a simple Google search, and you will be served an array of hotels, resorts, inns, and hostels that will let you enjoy cannabis. 

There are cannabis-oriented travel sites such as the Travel Joint, the Bud, and Breakfast, and a lot more will provide you the best weed-friendly hotels in the world. These sites offer databases as well as listings that are perfect for weed-minded vacationers like you. 

However, it can be kind of tricky to search for accommodation that is completely weed-friendly, but this list of the best places to go might help you somehow. 

What are the Best 420 Friendly Hotels to Check-in?

After carefully sorting through hundreds of listings just to find the best weed-friendly accommodations, we found these top five on our list that you can check-in for your next travel and weed vacation.

1.) La Secreta, Oceania del Polonio (Uruguay)

Uruguay served as the world’s first country to federally legalize marijuana, and it is still surprising that many seaside destinations there did not take advantage of this progress, however, Oceania del Polonio became the pioneer in hotels and resorts in the country to become a weed-friendly destination by offering a $300/night stay at their Italian-inspired bungalows that are designed by renowned architect Cosimo Venti.

La Secreta is designed for the ultimate relaxation. It has a huge outdoor patio that encircles each bungalow where you can light up blunts as many as you want without any restrictions. Once you’re feeling the euphoria, you can lie down on the hammocks that are placed on each corner of your patio. You can also go and enjoy catching fish where you can grill after at your patio while rolling another blunt without worrying about being apprehended. As your high subsides, you will be drifted away to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach a few feet away from your patio.  

2.) The Winston House (Seattle)

For $89/night, The Winston House is the very few dedicated cannabis-friendly hotels in the United States. This place has gained a lot of great reviews online because of its environment, perfect for hippies. It has a private entry for each guest room that comes with all the amenities of a luxury hotel. However, there, its community spaces are just simply outstanding. You will be provided with all the best cannabis smoking devices and accessories, which is there essential for their guest’s ultimate relaxation.

At the Winston House, the guests will be enjoying an ideal environment that gives them the quintessential lifestyle in Seattle. Your room will have a quaint balcony overlooking the woods. There is also a greenbelt that is perfect for chilling with your cup of coffee while you light another blunt for relaxation as the cool fresh breeze of the Northwest caresses your skin. 

Their rooms are equipped with a king-sized bed wrapped in luxurious linens. You will also have a desk area, a coffee bar, and other amenities for your ultimate convenience. The bathroom has a dual-head walk-in shower that is packed with the best toiletries. 

3.) The Bulldog Hotel (Amsterdam)

The Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam is one of the most popular weed-friendly hotels there. Although it is still prohibited to smoke or consume cannabis inside hotel rooms there, however, Bulldog Hotel has its own set of rules that you will surely agree on. Their hostel-style rooms may not be allowing you to smoke weed inside. However, all of the rooms have its terrace as well as a lobby lounge bar where you can light and puff as many blunts as you can partake. The Bulldog Hotel is located at the Amsterdam’s infamous red-light district which caters to people looking for a great nightlife. However, compared to a regular hostel, the Bulldog has different room types that cater to different types of guests. Their rooms have dorm-type, suits, and executive-style rooms all equipped with cozy beds, kitchens, flat-screen TVs, chairs, desks, and other accessories that you can find in a good-quality hotel. To further enjoy your experience while staying at Bulldog, try visiting the adjacent historical and picturesque Amsterdam canal that is surrounded with historical buildings that are worthy of spending time with. Bulldog Hotel also has its coffee shops scattered around Amsterdam. 

4.)  Stoke Surf House (Spain)

Stoke Surf House is located in San Sebastian, Aia, Gipuzkoa, Spain, where surfers and wanderers converge to have their weed vacation. This resort is worth your visit since it will provide you a 2-hour surfing lesson while you can enjoy yoga classes daily. Stoke Surf House allows you to smoke cannabis outdoors since their rooms are Spanish villas where you can choose from dorm-types, single bed, double bed, or suite-style rooms. Stoke Surf House’s doors are always open for both surfers and non-surfers from around the world where they can share this amazing place that they can call paradise. The rooms are designed as villas so that you can freely smoke weed outside the rooms since they prohibit smoking weed inside. Aside from smoking weed all day, you might want to get yourself busy as they also offer tours around San Sebastian. You can enjoy tapas and wine tours, craft beer tours, cliff jumping, guided hiking on the Pagoeta nature reserve, and visit the very popular Getaria and Zumaia rock formation where the famous “Dragonstone” that was shot in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. 

5.) Little Bay Cabins (Negril, Jamaica)

If you love cannabis, the Little Bay Cabins is surely included on your bucket list. This is one of the best places to stay in the world if you want to enjoy a vacation and enjoy cannabis at the same time. This place is the site where the late Bob Marley lived nearby. Jamaica is known around the world for its love and devotion to cannabis. However, lighting a blunt there is a petty offense, but the risk is very low, just make sure that you have a private place like the Little Bay Cabins to smoke weed. Little Bay Cabins do not just offer a private place where you can freely smoke a spliff. It also offers a great place for relaxation since it’s located just a few meters away from a pristine beach. Also, this place has hosted some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry and was even featured in the High Times Cannabis Cup’s April edition. 


As the world continues to gradually legalize cannabis because of its therapeutic and recreational benefits, expect more 420 friendly hotels to open in the future. Just to set your expectations straight, you might encounter some limitations at these places and to avoid trouble, just follow their rules, and always use cannabis moderately to fully enjoy not just lighting your spliff, but also your entire vacation. 

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