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Purple Urkle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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  • Cinco De Mayo
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Purple Urkle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, a cherished gem in the cannabis realm, are embraced by experts and serve as an excellent entry point for novice cultivators. This exquisite Indica-dominant plant caters to beginners, offering an effortless cultivation journey. With a 21% THC content and 0.40% CBD content, Purple Urkle Strain provides a delightful, relaxing high, perfect for unwinding after a demanding day. The remarkable feature is its swift harvest time of 8 to 10 weeks, allowing for a prompt enjoyment of your own Purple Urkle Strain. For a diverse array of premium cannabis strains, Beaver Seeds stands out as one of the premier cannabis seed banks in the industry.

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69419 Packs sold this month

People are viewing this product now
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Purple Urkle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Table Header
Mendocino Purps
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-10 weeks
Table Header
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Taste and Smell
Berry, Blueberries, Earthy, Grape, Skunky, Sweet
Bisabolol, Geraniol, Limonene, Pinene, Terpineol

What is Purple Urkle Strain?

Originating from a distinctive Mendocino Purps phenotype, Purple Urkle Strain, a Californian marvel since the 1980s, stands as an Indica-dominant hybrid with legendary parentage. Fondly nicknamed “Purple Urple” by enthusiasts, this strain delivers a calming and relaxing experience. Boasting a respectable 0.40% CBD content, it ensures a balanced encounter for users seeking therapeutic benefits. However, the true star is its potent 21% THC content, making Purple Urkle Strain a preferred choice for those desiring a euphoric journey. With a rich history and a unique grape-like aroma, this strain encapsulates the essence of cannabis culture, offering a classic, well-balanced high with a vintage touch.

What are the effects and benefits of Purple Urkle Strain?

In the cannabis realm, Purple Urkle Strain acts as a mood-enhancing magician, promising an emotional and sensory rollercoaster with every toke. It’s akin to a spa day for the mind, ushering in a creative paradise where inspiration flows freely. Euphoria and intense, laser-like focus accompany a pervasive sense of happiness, creating an impression of being on cloud nine. If you seek a mood lift, Purple Urkle is an excellent choice.

Continued use brings a soothing tiredness that invites peaceful sleep. Beyond its excitement, Purple Urkle Strain serves as the perfect nightcap after supper, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. A versatile strain, Purple Urkle brings focus, good energy, creative euphoria, and a tranquil, sleepy finish to the table.

What is the flavor and appearance of Purple Urkle Strain?

Purple Urkle Strain delights the senses with a rich terpene profile featuring Geraniol, Pinene, Terpineol, Bisabolol, and Limonene. This results in a diverse aromatic experience, combining Berry, Earthy, Grape, Blueberries, Skunky, and Sweet Notes for a truly unique flavor profile akin to a stroll through a fruity forest with earthy undertones.

In terms of appearance, Purple Urkle’s buds showcase a lush Forest Green hue, densely packed for a robust experience. The potential for Purple Buds adds a touch of mystique to its visual allure. Amber Hairs weaving through the buds enhance the overall aesthetic. If you seek a strain that tantalizes the senses and captivates the eyes, Purple Urkle is a must-try.

How to Grow Purple Urkle Strain?

Purple Urkle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds offer a delightful and straightforward cultivation experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Thriving in temperate, Mediterranean, sunny, and continental climates, this strain proves versatile and resilient. With a manageable height indoors (0-4 ft) and outdoors (0-4 ft), it suits those with limited space.

The growth period spans 8 to 10 weeks, culminating in a bountiful harvest in October. Indoor cultivation yields 300g/m2, while outdoor growers can expect a generous 400g/plant. Proper ventilation is essential for optimal conditions.

Distinguished by its beginner-friendly nature, Purple Urkle Feminized Marijuana Seeds are an excellent choice for novices. Low-maintenance demands and adaptability to various climates make them a reliable and enjoyable option for cultivating your cannabis stash.


7 reviews for Purple Urkle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Benny Cruz

    Benny Cruz

    If you like fruity, tropical weeds, you may have found your new favorite strain. The large, young, juicy buds are easy to manage, and the plant has an amazing scent! It’s a soothing plant to grow. I received around eight hundred grams of really amazing Purple Urkle. The trichomes are beautiful, dense, and colorful! My body felt calm and stress-free as I smoked it off. It had a fruity and sweet flavor!

  2. Avatar for Jose Ellis

    Jose Ellis

    Well, another great grow three seeds. Trichs are all milky and look fantastic, and I finally caught them at this point. I only use 10% Amber, but I wanted to see the difference because this is where the THC is highest, and the tallest plant was just over 50″ buds. She has a very thick piney scent and is sticky. I’m running a 1000 watt bulb with a digital adjustable ballast, so I run different wattages at different stages in my flowering room. As I smoked it off, It gives a berry and sweet flavor, and I felt my body is relaxed and stress-free!

  3. Avatar for Allen Rodriguez

    Allen Rodriguez

    Purple Urkle Fem weed seems to be going to bring me for a wild trip! I’m more than a successful grower now that I have my marijuana, and I got to use my garden, which had been neglected for much too long. Have you got a good yield, probably about 600 grams? I don’t know, it’s more than I thought, which is fantastic. This plant’s nugs are thick and flavorful, with such a harsh smoke that’s well worth this for the gentle body buzz, and I also use it as a treatment for my arthritis and back pain. Very effective tho!

  4. Avatar for Myrtle Mitchell

    Myrtle Mitchell

    You’ve got to love these west coast strains; they know who they’re catering to because the yield on such plants was incredible. I have WAY more than I’ll ever need, so I wanted to use all of my winnings to make a massive batch. They are genuinely delectable and smell wonderful. Even if I’m not much of a grower, I am pleased with how this stuff turned out. It’s very calming, and it also offers some helpful inner perspective. The trichomes are thick, vibrantly colored, and lovely! I’m delighted and impressed by how well this came out! It works wonders for stress and depression. Give it a shot.

  5. Avatar for Larry Hudson

    Larry Hudson

    You may have just discovered your new favorite strain if you enjoy fruity, tropical weeds. It’s relaxing to grow that’s not too difficult to manage or cultivate; the buds are big, young, and juicy, and it smells fantastic! It only took them a week! I have a nice grow space in my basement, and I got nearly 800 grams of completely brilliant Purple Urkle Fem marijuana. It’s so soothing and fun to do with friends. I adore this strain; it boosts my self-esteem by making my mind race and putting me in a good mood. When I smoke, I still have a smile on my face. I’m pleased with my purchase!

  6. Avatar for Scot Allen

    Scot Allen

    I love Purple Urkle Fem, and I’m a massive fan of it! This strain has a potent mix of indica and sativa, leaning indica slightly but with enough sativa to hold me awake. It’s certainly easy to grow indoors, and the colas are packed pretty tightly together with beautiful deep purple, dense buds, giving it a gem-like appearance and shines in crystal trichomes. Because of the high THC content, it’s a perfect option for those of us who get a heavy stoned and euphoric high, so if smoking can be hit or miss for you in terms of freaking out, you may want to try ordering these seeds.

  7. Avatar for Lindsay M.

    Lindsay M.

    My hands hurt due to arthritis but after smoking this strain, it was able to alleviate the pain. Never been more happy with a cannabis strain. Aside from its pain-relieving effect, I really love its grape and berry flavors, I’ve been craving for it ever since I tasted it. This plant is also fun to nurture indoors for about 8 to 9 weeks, just apply the standard growing requirements. I’ll try to apply the SOG technique the next time I buy these seeds.

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