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Peanut Butter Souffle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Peanut Butter Souffle Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds present an enticing amalgamation of Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake strains, resulting in a captivating hybrid that leans 60% Indica. With a moderate growth difficulty, this strain flourishes in a manageable 8 to 9 weeks, accommodating cultivators of various skill levels. Boasting a balanced CBD content of 0.80% and a robust THC potency at 21%, it assures a well-rounded experience. Whether seeking relaxation or a touch of euphoria, Peanut Butter Souffle Strain caters to both. Elevate your cultivation journey by selecting Beaver Seeds, distinguished as one of the premier cannabis seed banks, ensuring top-notch genetics and reliable yields.

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69547 Packs sold this month

People are viewing this product now
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Strain Specifications

Table Header
Do-Si-Dos x Lava Cake
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Table Header
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Taste and Smell
Butter, Chocolate, Earthy, Nutty, Spicy
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

What is Peanut Butter Souffle Strain?

Introducing the Peanut Butter Souffle Strain, a delectable hybrid born from the union of Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake strains. Originating from the sun-soaked Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA, this Indica-dominant hybrid is celebrated for its irresistible flavor and a high that strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and arousal. Boasting a THC content of 21% and a subtle CBD presence at 0.80%, Peanut Butter Souffle Strain delivers a potent experience without overwhelming intensity. It’s an optimal choice for those desiring a moderate THC level while savoring the rich, nutty undertones that inspired its name. Immerse yourself in the essence of Pacific Beach with Peanut Butter Souffle, a strain promising a flavorful journey into the heart of relaxation with a touch of excitement.

What are the effects and benefits of Peanut Butter Souffle Strain?

Indulge in the delightful embrace of Peanut Butter Souffle Strain, where a symphony of effects unfolds with every inhale. Picture a gentle body high enveloping you like a cozy blanket, ushering in tranquility and relaxation. Experience uplifting vibes that elevate your mood, setting the stage for a blissful encounter. As moments unfold, a serene tranquility settles in, fostering a peaceful state of mind.

But the journey doesn’t end there – Peanut Butter Souffle Strain goes beyond relaxation, guiding you towards dreamland. Embrace the sleepy undertones that gracefully lead you to a night of restful slumber. For those seeking the ultimate in relaxation, prepare to sink into the depths of the couch, as a soothing, couch-locked sensation envelops you in its comforting grasp. Peanut Butter Souffle Strain isn’t just a cannabis experience; it’s a sensory adventure inviting you to unwind, uplift, and embrace the serenity of the moment.

What is the flavor and appearance of Peanut Butter Souffle Strain?

Embark on a sensory odyssey with the Peanut Butter Souffle Strain, a delightful fusion of terpenes enhancing the cannabis experience. Myrcene contributes earthy undertones, Caryophyllene adds a spicy kick, and Limonene imparts a zesty citrus note. Envision a rich symphony of flavors: a buttery essence complemented by nutty undertones and a hint of decadent chocolate. This strain is a genuine palate pleaser.

In terms of appearance, Peanut Butter Souffle lives up to expectations. Anticipate robust buds with the enticing possibility of purple hues, creating a visually stunning experience. Amber hairs weave through the buds, accentuating their beauty, while crystal trichomes glisten like miniature diamonds. A touch of sticky resin ensures a potent punch. Immerse your senses in this harmonious blend of terpenes, flavors, and aesthetics that make Peanut Butter Souffle Strain a standout in the cannabis landscape.

How to Grow Peanut Butter Souffle Strain?

Delight your senses with Peanut Butter Souffle Strain, a feminized marijuana seed variety thriving in Mediterranean, temperate, and continental climates. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a novice, this strain offers a moderate level of cultivation ease. With a compact stature indoors and outdoors, ranging from 0-4 feet, it’s a perfect addition to any garden.

The growth period is a manageable 8 to 9 weeks, typically concluding in September. Indoors, expect a yield of approximately 150g/m2, while outdoor cultivation can yield up to 300g/plant. This strain’s compact size makes it an excellent choice for discreet indoor cultivation. Peanut Butter Souffle Strain not only boasts a delightful flavor profile but also promises a rewarding cultivation experience. Embrace the journey of nurturing these feminized seeds into robust plants, and soon you’ll be enjoying the satisfying fruits of your labor.


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