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Buy Marijuana Seeds|USA Deliveries is going global and you can now buy marijuana seeds USA residents! Yes, we have extended our networks and have evolved as a Trusted Candian seed bank and are now extending our reach to the United States to ensure we are available for all our current and new customers! Yes we ship worldwide, however today we are now in the process of having our premium cannabis seeds more available online and more brick and mortar stores in the US.

Beaver Seeds is now one of the marijuana seed banks that deliver to the usa! If you are shopping to buy marijuana seeds in USA that are high quality yet cheap, you have come to the right place! Here we offer high quality premium marijuana seeds at the cheapest prices!

If you are shopping for USA marijuana seeds or cannabis seeds.USA residents can now order directly on our website and we will dispatch the shipment from our partner seedbanks in the US. We have made ordering cannabis seeds in the USA much more simpler with our wide network and reach to ensure all our customers and clients are always in good hands.

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Buy Weed Seeds USA! Beaver Seeds is ready to take your orders!

Our company has assisted thousands of patients with their medical marijuana seeds supply, and to start off their path into a more sustainable and affordable supply of medical marijuana buds. So, if you are wondering where to order marijuana seeds in the US, then you have come to the right place! Order marijuana seeds from USA today and enjoy our regular offers of free shipping and free seeds on minimum purchase orders.

Beaver seeds have now expanded its reach to the USA and is now competing as one of the most viable and  premium marijuana seeds sold in USA.

Is marijuana legal in the USA? Yes, depending which state you are in, marijuana use medically and recreationally is legal. But, make sure to check your local laws as well to ensure you are in the clear. Check out USA Cannabis Laws here.

About Marijuana Seeds|USA Cannabis Seeds

There are hundreds if not thousands of marijuana strains out there and none of them are made the same. There are some that are truly more superior than others and these marijuana strains produce copious amounts of weed per harvest. 

However, all of these strains are actually classified into 4 major cannabis seed types that are being sold in Canada and online today. These marijuana seed types are Regular Marijuana Seeds, Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds and High CBD Marijuana Seeds. All these cannabis seed types are available and always in stock in our website. Check out our seed libraries today!

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Medical Marijuana Seeds|USA Cannabis Laws

The medical use of marijuana in the USA has been legalized but will need a doctor’s recommendation. It is allowed in 35 states, 4 territories and the District of Columbia. There are also several states that have specific laws on the limit of THC content and the allowing of access to other products that contain the non psychoactive components of marijuana. 

Cannabis remains a schedule 1 drug as per FDA until today. And on recreational use, there are currently 15 states that have allowed it. This includes decriminalizing commercial production and distribution of cannabis among its constituents.

So, even though cannabis is still illegal federally, some of the compounds that can be derived from it have been approved by the FDA to be used for prescription medication. The drugs that have an active ingredient of cannabinoids are  Syndros (THC), Marinol (THC), Epidiolex (cannabidiol) and  Cesamet (nabilone). For non-prescription use, cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp is legal at the federal level, but legality and enforcement varies by state.

Marijuana Seeds for Sale in the USA

marijuana seeds usa

Beaver seeds is the best place to buy marijuana seeds online!USA residents can enjoy our original packaging and regular promotions of free shipping and free seeds on minimum purchase orders! Like any other american seed banks, We are proud of our advanced expertise when it comes to medical marijuana seeds!USA is now within our reach and we can provide you with the supply you need!

So, you might ask, is it legal to sell marijuana seeds in the USA? Well The answer is a big YES! Depending on which state you are in. Some states allow their constituents to own and possess marijuana limited by certain restrictions like alcohol or cigarettes.

  • Regular Cannabis Seeds – These are your good old cannabis seeds in their purest forms. 
  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds – This is genetically modified seeds that will only grow as a female plant.
  • Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – A hybrid cross with the Ruderalis strains allowing an autoflowering feature.
  • High CBD Marijuana Seeds – These are strains that are bred to increase the CBD to THC ratio. Highly recommended for medical marijuana users who do not want to get high.

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Order yours today and enjoy Free Shipping for orders $200 and up and 

Free 10 premium marijuana seeds plus Free Shipping for orders $420 and up! 

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Buy Feminized Seeds|USA Mail Order Deliveries

Why use feminized seeds? For a start, we should understand that only female marijuana plants bear the buds we are looking for. So, in order to reap the benefits out of all your efforts and growing and tendering for your plants, you must only grow female marijuana plants in your garden.

By growing only feminized cannabis seeds, it will ease you with a lot of burden when ensuring all your plants are females and this will allow you to direct all your resources and money to plants that will produce those lovely nugs or weed flowers that we are looking for.

Medical marijuana Seeds| Benefits of Cannabinoids

Cannabis or Clinical Weed contains CBD and THC which are the cannabinoids. CBD has been believed to make mind works better and alongside the THC in it which is known for its alleviating properties. These have been believed to improve a ton of manifestations brought about by different diseases like malignancy, epilepsy and Numerous sclerosis. The medical advantages of cannabinoids are yet to be acknowledged by numerous individuals as the FDA has named cannabis or pot as a timetable 1 controlled substance and proclaims that it doesn’t have any remedial or useful impacts. 

In any case, it has been found in history that cannabis has been utilized by numerous social orders for a few restorative applications. Moreover, there are an ever increasing number of investigations and studies that have been made that show proof that maryjane or cannabis is actually a powerful cure particularly if the cannabinoids are taken as a confine or in its most flawless structure.

You can now order marijuana seeds online USA!!Only here at, your trusted Canadian Seed bank is now in the USA!

Here in Beaver Seeds, We have helped thousands of Canadians in starting their marijuana growing endeavors and we have a 24-hour customer support team always ready to answer your questions. What we would always recommend is going with feminized cannabis seeds from Canada which are bred specifically to thrive in our climate and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They may be a bit pricey but they will bring you the best return!

We take pride in our superior genetics and world class production standards. We are a Canadian Cannabis Seed bank that has helped a lot of patients and consumers to have access to high-quality premium marijuana seeds strains. We are proud to say that we are one of the best canadian weed seed companies that are operational today with over 30 years of experience. Beaver seeds, your trusted Canadian Seed bank, and we have now extended our reach in the USA!

All our premium high-quality cannabis seeds go through a stringent selection process to ensure we provide the world-class quality that we promise our customers. 

So, If you are looking for high-quality and cheapest marijuana seeds then you are in the right place! 

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified seeds, where the Y chromosome in our genetic structure is eliminated hence producing 99 percent female mature plants. As we know, only female cannabis plants are able to produce those potent and robust marijuana flowers that we are all looking for.

Why use Feminized seeds?

By using feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about rogue males in your garden that could ruin your harvest. Instead, focus on your all female batch to produce the best buds that will make your mouth water.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Plants?

When growing feminized marijuana seeds, there are no special techniques required. These seeds are grown and cultivated like any other regular strains and they require photoperiod schedules, which is the 12-hour light and 12 dark periods to encourage flowering.

 Feminized seeds are recommended to be grown indoors where you can tailor fit the growing conditions on the requirements of strain to gain the best results possible. Always use the best and highest quality lighting (HPS, LED or CFL) while making sure you achieve optimal humidity levels according to the stage of your plants growth. Cannabis plants may require higher levels of humidity during the early days of its life and will gradually decrease through to flowering.

Furthermore, all plants need nutrients to support life, and cannabis plants need three (3) three m main ones to thrive and produce. These are Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or coined as NPK. These nutrients will vary in requirements along the life stages of the plant as well.

With the optimal balance of light, humidity and nutrients, this will allow your plant to develop those large and robust buds that will carry copious amounts of cannabinoids. Providing you with a denser more resinous marijuana flowers for your supply of medicine.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Seeds|USA Selection

Buy weed seeds online!USA select seeds are the best you can use in growing in these extreme climate conditions! Make sure you only go with superior genetics from your trusted Canadian Seed bank, that is now available in the USA! Order marijuana seeds online!USA deliveries will get our original packaging that was specially made to ensure it keeps the seeds in their best qualities


1. Where can I buy marijuana seeds in the USA ?

Here in Beaver Seeds, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality marijuana seeds at the cheapest price! We are proud of our wide selection of superior genetics strains that are popular worldwide. We offer free shipping and free seeds on minimum purchase order! Order yours today!

2. Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

It is allowed in 35 states, 4 territories and the District of Columbia. There are also several states that have specific laws on the limit of THC content and the allowing of access to other products that contain the non psychoactive components of marijuana.

3. How to grow feminized cannabis seeds?

There are no special techniques required. These seeds are grown and cultivated like any other regular strains and they require photoperiod schedules, which is the 12-hour light and 12 dark periods to encourage flowering.

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