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If you are shopping to buy marijuana seeds in Canada, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure you will only get the best value for your money when choosing among the different marijuana seeds for sale in Canada. Furthermore, to ensure the success of your harvest you must always aim for the highest quality when you buy marijuana seeds. Canada’s climate is really on the extreme side and having cannabis seeds with inferior genetics will not only cost you the money that you have spent in buying marijuana seeds online but will also cost you your time and other resources while growing it, including space, more money and time.

A few of the frequently asked questions we usually get are, where can I buy marijuana seeds in Canada? Or where to get weed seeds in Canada? And is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online? Read more below to find out!

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Our company has helped thousands of Canadian medical marijuana patients start off their way into growing their own supply of medicinal weed. So, if you are still asking where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada? Read more below and find out why you should go with us!

Are marijuana seeds legal to buy in Canada? Yes, it is perfectly legal and allowed by law to buy marijuana seeds. Canada legal residents over 18 years of age can carry up to thirty (30) grams of dried flowers and can grow up to four (4) mature plants per household. So this only means, marijuana seeds have no limitations and the law only dictates how many of them can you actually grow into bud-bearing mature marijuana plants.

About Marijuana Seeds | Canada Cannabis Seeds

There are hundreds if not thousands of marijuana strains out there and none of them are made the same. There are some that are truly more superior than others and these marijuana strains produce copious amounts of weed per harvest. 

However, all of these strains are actually classified into 4 major cannabis seed types that are being sold in Canada and online today. These marijuana seed types are Regular Marijuana Seeds, Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds, and High CBD Marijuana Seeds. All these cannabis seed types are available and always in stock on our website. Check out our seed libraries today!

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Canada Medical Marijuana Laws | Recreational Marijuana Laws

In 2001, Canada made history as a country by being the first to legalize marijuana in the world for medical use. This happened when the Canadian Court of Appeal ruled that the ban on medical marijuana was not constitutional. It was the battle of an epileptic man who testified that he could only get relief from his ailment from cannabis. It was ruled by the court as they find the prohibition on marijuana unconstitutional due to not having any exceptions to its medical use.

The primary act that was submitted which allowed the medical use of cannabis was the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations wherein patients, under these guidelines, can possess dried cannabis flowers with a government-issued Canada medical marijuana card that is also approved by a doctor. During which there was only access to one government supplier, however other licenses were given for growing and buying cannabis seeds.

Under the current laws, a patient can possess dried marijuana buds with a prescription from a Canadian doctor and no license needs to be obtained from the government anymore. A Canadian medical doctor who practices medical marijuana use can prescribe up to five (5) grams per day and patients can get their supply from pre-approved suppliers of Health Canada.

Basically, these laws are under the medical use of cannabis in Canada, however, in 2018, another breakthrough has happened and the passing of the bill legalizing the recreational use of marijuana was approved. So, basically, this has opened up more opportunities and supply for more and more Canadians.

However, the Recreational cannabis laws of the Canadian government has approved are allowing more access to more people while giving way to the whole marijuana industry to thrive and grow developing new products and uses that are all resulting from research and studies made specifically because of the legalization. This paved the way for the more scientific advancements and discoveries that are going to develop more through the years. 

Bottom line is, the Cannabis Act of today says, all Canadians 18 years and above are allowed by law to carry a max of thirty (30) grams of dried marijuana buds and to possess up to four (4) mature marijuana plants per household. So, modern marijuana has now reached more and more people who really rely on this plant to feel a better quality of well being and enjoyment.

Marijuana Seeds Canada types you can Buy Online

The best place to buy marijuana seeds in Canada is online and Beaver Seeds is the best place to order marijuana seeds online! Canada residents get our original packaging and premium marijuana seeds from Canada! We are proud of our advanced expertise when it comes to Canadian medical marijuana seeds.

So, you might ask, is it legal to sell marijuana seeds in Canada? The answer is a big YES! It is allowed by law and Canadians are allowed to own and possess marijuana limited by certain restrictions like alcohol or cigarettes.

  • Regular Cannabis Seeds – These are your good old cannabis seeds in their purest forms. 
  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds – These are genetically modified seeds that will only grow as a female plant.
  • Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – A hybrid cross with the Ruderalis strains allowing an auto-flowering feature.
  • High CBD Marijuana Seeds – These are strains that are bred to increase the CBD to THC ratio. Highly recommended for medical marijuana users who do not want to get high.

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  • Buy marijuana seeds with credit card
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  • Buy marijuana seeds with cash

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Female vs Male Cannabis Plants

I have included this in this topic as we have to know some differences between the female and the male cannabis plant and how they affect the success of our garden. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Canadian marijuana seed types mentioned above.

Remember that only a female cannabis plant is able to produce the potent flowers and buds that we are after. So, we want female marijuana plants all the time as much as we can if we grow for the purpose of dried marijuana flowers. If you are not into breeding, then growing males will be a total waste of time, and moreover can ruin your whole operation if left mixed in the garden unnoticed.

Male Cannabis plants can mature and produce pollen that can burst out and accidentally fertilize all the female cannabis plants in range. What this means is, those females that are geared up into bud and flower production will suddenly become fertilized and will start to shift and put all its focus into producing seeds resulting in seedy weed harvest.

But, male cannabis plants are not that useless at all, it is only when you are growing marijuana for its flowers, they don’t help much. However, male cannabis plants play an important role in crossbreeding strains and developing new ones. These plants also have industrial uses too such as the production of concentrates, distillates, and fibre.

If you are planning on buying marijuana in Canada, growers can choose from several Canadian marijuana seed suppliers different selection of popular marijuana strains worldwide. But, if you buy marijuana seeds online. Canadian residents must ensure to pick a strain that actually has the characteristics to thrive and sustain in our cold weather, as this extreme climate can easily be fatal to strains that have originated in the warmer regions of the globe.

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Here in Beaver Seeds, We have helped thousands of Canadians in starting their marijuana growing endeavours and we have a 24-hour customer support team always ready to answer your questions. What we would always recommend is going with feminized cannabis seeds from Canada which are bred specifically to thrive in our climate and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They may be a bit pricey but they will bring you the best return!

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Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Canada’s Cold Climate

When you grow your marijuana plants, either outdoors or indoors, it all starts with the germination process. Properly germinating the marijuana seeds you buy online or in seed banks will become a huge factor on the overall success of your harvest. 

Of course, we have to consider our natural environment and how we can protect our little seeds to ensure they get the optimal conditions to ensure a healthy sprout. A good start will always pay off in any growth.

What is Seed Germination?

Germination is the internal process of seed to sprout new life and grow into a new plant. A seed is like a pod carrying a tiny seedling protected with a hard outer shell. The outer shell will split allowing a tap root to protrude and eventually grow roots and form into the main stalk.

This will make the seed ready for planting. One indication of a properly germinated seed is the tendril or the little white tail that breaks out of the seed.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Germination?

Naturally, a cannabis seed requires three (3) elements in order to succeed and those are moisture, warmth and darkness. 

There are many ways to germinate marijuana seeds, however, the most common and effective way is using wet paper towels and plastic plates. This is referred to as the Paper Towel Method.

Check out below our step by step guide on how to germinate cannabis seeds…

wet paper towel method

The Wet Paper Towel Method

Things you’ll need:

  • Clean glass or cup
  • Clean plate (Plastic will do)
  • Thick paper towels
  • Bottled Spring Water/ Water bottle Sprayer
  • Tweezer

Wet paper towel method step by step procedure:

STEP 1: Get a clean glass and fill it with bottled spring water. Drop your seeds in and let them submerge to the bottom for about 14-18 hours. You must not go beyond this point as this will drown your seeds. If some seeds float, it is ok.

STEP 2: Get a paper towel and fold it in half. Position the paper towel in the middle of the plate. Take two (2) other paper towels and lay them on top of each other onto the plate as well.

STEP 3: Take the glass with the seeds submerged in water and pour them onto the paper towels on the plate. Fold the edges of the wet paper towel over the seeds to cover and tilt to drain off all excess water. Make sure not to leave too much water on the plate. Your seeds must have access to air and heat during the whole germination process. Do not cover with another plate to ensure air can still flow through.

 STEP 4: Position the plate in a dark and warm area like an empty drawer or cupboard. Make sure not to close too tight so that air can still flow through. Leave this in until you see sprouts to appear. With proper ventilation and moisture, it should assist the taproot break through its hard outer shell. So make sure not to allow the paper towel to get dry. It is recommended to check on this every 6 hours but it may depend on the conditions of the humidity. Be careful not to overwater the paper towels.

STEP 5: Around 2 days to a week, the seeds will start to crack open and taproots will emerge and develop from the split of the outer shell. Let the taproot grow to about ¾ of an inch before you plant them in your medium, may it be soil or other growing mediums like the soilless mix, hydroponics, and growing in an aerogarden. Make sure not to use your hands to handle the germinated seeds and always use a sterile tweezer.

There you go! This is the point where germination ends and actually growing your plant begins… The marijuana seeds you sprout will be equipped with their own supply of food and nutrients to grow into a seedling, make sure not to expose them yet to excessive heat and light.

Germinating marijuana seeds is easy yet is very critical in the success of your growth. Starting correctly will always be a good thing especially if you are looking for that good yield.


If your marijuana seeds fail to germinate as expected, this could be due to insufficient amounts of moisture getting through to the seed. Try to soak them longer in a glass filled with bottled spring water and keep an eye on them for another 72 hours. For those who can catch up and sprout, remove from water immediately and proceed again to STEP 1 of the Paper towel method and let it grow more up to ¾ of an inch, by then it is ready for planting.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Buy weed seeds online! Canada select seeds are the best you can use in growing in these extreme climate conditions! Make sure you only go with superior genetics from your trusted Canadian Seed bank. Order marijuana seeds Canada online! Canada deliveries will get our original packaging that was specially made to ensure it keeps the seeds in their best quality.


1. Where can I buy marijuana seeds in Canada?

Here in Beaver Seeds, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality marijuana seeds Canada at the cheapest price! We are proud of our wide selection of superior genetic strains that are popular worldwide. We offer free shipping and free seeds on minimum purchase orders! Order yours today!

2. Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

Yes, it is perfectly legal and allowed by law to buy marijuana seeds. Canada legal residents over 18 years of age can carry up to thirty (30) grams of dried flowers and can grow up to four (4) mature plants per household.

3. How to germinate cannabis seeds?

There are many ways to germinate marijuana seeds, however, the most common and effective way is using wet paper towels and plastic plates. This is referred to as the Paper Towel Method. Check out our step by step guide on how to do the Paper towel method.

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