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Himalaya Gold Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Experience the potency of Himalaya Gold Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, renowned for its impressive 22% THC and 1% CBD levels. This Indica-Dominant Hybrid is celebrated for its strong effects and offers a satisfying experience for cannabis enthusiasts. With moderate cultivation difficulty, it matures within a reasonable 8-9 weeks. Elevate your cultivation journey by choosing Beaver Seeds, a reliable source of premium seeds and considered one of the best cannabis seed banks in the market.

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69535 Packs sold this month

People are viewing this product now
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Strain Specifications

Table Header
Nepalese x North Indian
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Table Header
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Large (8+ FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Taste and Smell
Coffee, Earthy, Floral, Fruity, Pepper, Pine
Myrcene, Ocimene, Pinene, Terpinolene

What is Himalaya Gold Strain?

Himalaya Gold Strain, an outstanding hybrid resulting from the fusion of legendary Nepalese and North Indian strains, is a delight for cannabis aficionados. With this strain showcases an impressive 22% THC and a subtle 1% CBD, delivering a potent and well-balanced experience. Celebrated for its exceptional potency, Himalaya Gold Strain is a preferred choice among enthusiasts seeking a strong high. It uniquely engages both the mind and body, providing users with a harmonious blend of delight and relaxation. Whether you’re an experienced user or a curious newcomer, Himalaya Gold Strain offers a distinctive journey into the cannabis world, combining the best qualities of its renowned parent strains for an unparalleled experience.

What are the effects and benefits of Himalaya Gold Strain?

The Himalaya Gold Strain is a delightful cannabis variety celebrated for its diverse effects that cater to both relaxation and creativity. Upon consumption, be prepared for a gentle wave of arousal that sets the stage for a delightful experience. The cerebral effects kick in, turning your mind into a playground for creativity and unlocking new levels of inspiration.

What stands out is the accompanying boost in motivation, making this strain an ideal companion for those seeking to enhance productivity. However, as the journey progresses, a soothing sleepy sensation envelops you, leading to a serene and tranquil conclusion. Himalaya Gold Strain represents a harmonious blend, offering a symphony of effects that transition between arousal, delight, creativity, motivation, cerebral engagement, and peaceful slumber.

What is the flavor and appearance of Himalaya Gold Strain?

Himalaya Gold Strain presents a harmonious fusion of nature’s finest terpenes, featuring a composition that includes Pinene, Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Ocimene, offering a sensory journey with each inhalation. Its aromatic profile gracefully shifts between floral, fruity, and earthy tones, complemented by subtle notes of pine, pepper, and a delicate coffee undertone. Envision yourself in a fragrant garden, surrounded by the subtle essence of flowers and the sweetness of fully ripened fruits.

In terms of its visual appeal, this strain is a feast for the eyes. The dense, light-green buds are visually captivating, and the intertwining of orange pistils with the green foliage creates a lively contrast that enhances its overall charm. Resembling a masterpiece crafted by nature, delicate crystal trichomes coat the surface, promising a visually striking and potent cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in the symphony of terpenes, flavors, and aesthetics with Himalaya Gold—a strain that goes beyond the ordinary.

How to Grow Himalaya Gold Strain?

Cultivating the Himalaya Gold Strain proves to be a rewarding endeavor for growers with moderate expertise. Its brief flowering period, spanning 8 to 9 weeks, and adaptability to various temperatures, encompassing cold, chilly, warm, and controlled environments, contribute to its widespread popularity. Indoor cultivation typically results in a yield of around 600g/m2, while outdoor growers can anticipate approximately 1000g per plant, offering an optimal scenario for maximizing harvests.

To enhance the visual appeal of the blossoms, characterized by vivid orange hairs and mint and neon green hues, one can employ the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or a grower, this strain is a must-try, thanks to its impressive performance with the Sea of Green (SOG) method and its capacity to produce substantial yields with minimal effort. Typically reaching medium to large maturity by September, the plants grow to a height of at least 5 to 8 feet. For growers of average skill, the Himalaya Gold Strain presents an opportunity for generous yields and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.


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