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Grandaddy Black Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    The Grandaddy Black Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds present an attractive option for both novice and experienced growers. This Indica-Dominant hybrid combines the best characteristics of its parent strains. With a potent 22% THC content and 0.50% CBD content, it offers a robust potential for therapeutic marijuana experiences. These feminized seeds are particularly user-friendly, making them an excellent choice for beginners. The cultivar ensures a prompt harvest due to its brief flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. For premium cannabis seeds, Beaver Seeds stands out as one of the top cannabis seed banks, offering a diverse selection of strains to meet your cultivation requirements.

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    69415 Packs sold this month

    People are viewing this product now
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    Strain Specifications

    Table Header
    Grandaddy Purple x Black Domina
    THC Level
    CBD Level
    CBG Level
    Category Type
    Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Growing Level
    Flowering Time
    8-10 weeks
    Table Header
    Indoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Outdoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Harvest Time
    Indoor Yields
    Outdoor Yields
    Taste and Smell
    Earthy, Fruity, Orange, Skunky, Sweet, Woody
    Linalool, Terpineol, Valencene

    What is Grandaddy Black Strain?

    Grandaddy Black Strain emerges as a captivating hybrid, originating from the crossbreeding of Grandaddy Purple and Black Domina. With its predominant Indica characteristics, this strain showcases a potent THC level of 22%, delivering unparalleled strength and intensity. However, it’s not solely focused on potency; Grandaddy Black Strain brings a surprising 0.50% CBD content, contributing to a well-balanced overall experience.

    The effects encompass a delightful fusion of relaxation and tranquility, making it an excellent choice for those in search of a calming encounter. The amalgamation of its parental strains results in a distinctive flavor profile, and the overall journey is both pleasurable and serene. Grandaddy Black Strain serves as a testament to the craftsmanship of cannabis breeding, offering enthusiasts a harmonious and enjoyable expedition.

    What are the effects and benefits of Grandaddy Black Strain?

    Grandaddy Black Strain offers a diverse and tailored experience to suit various moods and preferences. Anticipate an initial delight boost that uplifts your mood, paving the way for a serene journey. The initial surge of energy sparks creativity, making it an excellent choice for those in search of inspiration. However, as the high progresses, a soothing sensation envelops you, ushering in a state of tranquility. Experience the release of tension, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation. If you’re craving snacks, the strain induces a potent case of the munchies, making it an ideal companion for a satisfying meal. Finally, as the night unfolds, expect a gradual onset of drowsiness, gently guiding you into a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

    What is the flavor and appearance of Grandaddy Black Strain?

    Grandaddy Black Strain is renowned for its visually striking appearance and delightful flavor profile. The unique combination of terpenes, including Linalool, Valencene, and Terpinolene, generates a sophisticated and intoxicating aroma. The fragrance encompasses notes of wood, citrus, orange, sweetness, skunkiness, and earthiness, resembling a pleasant stroll through an orchard with subtle hints of sweet citrus and a faint earthy undertone.

    The leaves of Grandaddy Black Strain display a captivating contrast between light green and purple hues, creating a mesmerizing display. Its allure is further heightened by the possibility of encountering purple buds, distinguishing it from other cannabis varieties. The thick and abundant layer of sticky resin covering the buds indicates a potent and enjoyable experience.

    Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a novice, the distinctive flavors and visually captivating features of Grandaddy Black Strain are certain to leave a lasting impression. Brace yourself for a sensory journey like no other with this exceptional strain.

    How to Grow Grandaddy Black Strain?

    Cultivators at all levels of expertise will discover the Grandaddy Black Strain to be an excellent choice due to its user-friendly nature and adaptability to various growing conditions. This strain thrives under diverse circumstances, but it flourishes best in warm, sunny climates resembling the Mediterranean, whether cultivated outdoors or in a greenhouse. Its resilience to various weather conditions allows for year-round cultivation.

    With a relatively short growth period of 8 to 10 weeks, this feminized variety offers a quick turnaround from planting to harvest. Outdoor cultivation can yield up to 600 grams per plant, while indoor growers can anticipate around 450 grams per square meter. With a maximum height of 4 feet, it maintains a compact size, making it an ideal selection for those with limited cultivation space.

    Growers, regardless of their level of experience, will find the Grandaddy Black Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds intriguing due to its straightforward cultivation process and impressive yields. Embrace outdoor cultivation and enjoy the benefits of a bountiful harvest from this exceptional variety.


    3 reviews for Grandaddy Black Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Avatar for Lance Kenneth Williams

      Lance Kenneth Williams

      This strain calms me with its pleasant, fruity perfume, and when I saw her grow in my garden, she astounded me with her thick blooms and yields. I’ve always had an extra hit of this strain, which puts me in a really relaxed state. Even so, she had already taken on a wonderful aroma of ripe berries and lemon. I attempted to get a taste of my early buds, and my, this stuff absolutely blew me away! Additionally, I was able to get excellent yields since I gave her the proper amount of nutrients. Strongly recommendable!

    2. Avatar for Karl Gerard

      Karl Gerard

      Grandaddy Black Fem has a sweet and fruity and aroma that soothes me, and her thick buds and yields amazed me when developed in my garden. Its potent Indica also relieves my muscular pain and fear, and it can even assist with my insomnia. Always had an extra puff of this strain that leads me in a deep state of relaxation.

    3. Avatar for Josephine Liang

      Josephine Liang

      Waiting for my buds to fully cure, although she already developed a great scent of sweet citrus and berry. I tried to have a sample hit from my premature buds and damn this shit really blew me away! And I just want to share a little bit of the growing journey of my baby. I grew her in a little room although she’s not an easy to grow plant, just trained her a few times, given her a right amount of nutrients and I was able to have great yields.

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