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Blackberry Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The Blackberry Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds, an Indica-Dominant Hybrid, stand out for their distinctive qualities. Cultivating this strain may pose a challenge, making it better suited for those with prior cannabis growing experience. With a THC content of 23% and CBD levels ranging from 2.44% to 3.08%, it offers users a well-balanced and calming high. Additionally, its relatively short 7-9 week growth period makes it appealing to most growers. To find top-quality resources for your cannabis cultivation journey, consider visiting Beaver Seeds, one of the finest cannabis seed stores.

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6 Packs sold this month

People are viewing this product now
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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Blackberry Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blackberry Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Specifications

Table Header
Afghani x Blackberry x Ruderalis
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
7-9 weeks
Table Header
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvest Time
around late september to early october
Indoor Yields
300 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
400 g/plant
Taste and Smell
Berry/Fruit, Diesel, Earthy, Jet Fuel, Kush, Sweet
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene

What is Blackberry Strain?

The exceptional Blackberry Strain is a cannabis hybrid created by blending Afghani, Blackberry, and Ruderalis genetics. This Indica-Dominant variety goes beyond the ordinary; it’s a sensation waiting to be discovered. Boasting a potent THC level of 23%, Blackberry Strain delivers a remarkable and well-balanced high. What sets it apart is its CBD content, which falls in the range of 2.44% to 3.08%, making it an appealing choice for both recreational and therapeutic users.

When it comes to its effects, Blackberry Strain offers indulgence. Imagine yourself sinking into your couch, enveloped in a warm and soothing embrace. This strain provides a delightful, deeply relaxing experience that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. Bid farewell to worries and tension as Blackberry Strain leaves you feeling joyful, content, and completely at ease. It’s akin to a tranquil evening by the fireside, embodied in cannabis form. However, what truly distinguishes this strain is its capacity to gently ease you into a peaceful slumber. Elevate your cannabis experience with the calming and delightful effects of Blackberry Strain.

What are the effects and benefits of Blackberry Strain?

Experience the soothing embrace of Blackberry Strain’s effects, tailor-made for those seeking ultimate relaxation and tranquility. This exceptional strain is your ticket to a state of blissful serenity. Imagine yourself sinking into your couch, enveloped in a deep sense of calm and contentment. The Blackberry Strain delivers a profound body high that’ll leave you pleasantly couch-locked, making it the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day.

As the hours melt away, you’ll find yourself embraced by a soothing wave of sleepiness, gently inviting you into a peaceful slumber. Worries and tension will dissipate, replaced by a warm, happy sensation that lingers. It’s like a tranquil evening by the fireside, embodied in cannabis form.

The Blackberry Strain’s effects are a symphony of relaxation, happiness, and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for those in search of an escape from the demands of the day. Say goodbye to restlessness and embrace the calm with Blackberry Strain.

What is the flavor and appearance of Blackberry Strain?

The outstanding Blackberry strain boasts a delightful mix of terpenes, including Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene, which harmonize to craft an array of flavors that will leave you longing for more. Upon that initial inhalation, you’ll be met with a strong diesel note, succeeded by a sweet and earthy undertone that’s absolutely irresistible. But the enchantment doesn’t end there; a burst of berry and fruity essence dances across your taste buds, reminiscent of indulging in the juiciest blackberries imaginable. This fruity twist is beautifully complemented by a subtle kush flavor that adds depth to the overall experience. It’s akin to a flavor explosion that takes your senses on an exhilarating journey.

Now, let’s discuss its appearance. The buds of the Blackberry Strain are a true marvel to behold. These nuggets are renowned for their dense, resin-laden quality, lending them a shimmering, nearly crystalline look. However, keep in mind that they are sensitive to humidity, so ensuring proper ventilation is crucial to preserving the integrity of these precious buds.

How to Grow Blackberry Strain?

Blackberry Strain is an exhilarating journey suitable for both novice and experienced growers. Although it can pose a challenge due to its sensitivity to humidity, the rewards are undeniably worth the effort. This strain flourishes in warm, subtropical climates, so it’s essential to create the optimal environment. Proper ventilation is crucial for preventing mold growth and ensuring the thriving of your Blackberry plants. The outcome? Resin-rich, compact buds that provide a delightful sensory experience.

When grown indoors, the Blackberry Strain maintains a compact stature, typically reaching heights of 0-4 feet, making it an excellent choice for limited space. In just 7-9 weeks, you can expect a generous yield of approximately 300 grams per square meter. For those fortunate enough to cultivate Blackberry outdoors, anticipate medium-sized plants ranging from 5-8 feet in height. The natural sunlight will work its magic, resulting in a bountiful harvest of around 400 grams per plant.


11 reviews for Blackberry Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jeff Clark

    Jeff Clark (verified owner)

    Great strain all the seeds germinated and are growing Great will be definitely buying blackberry auto again

  2. Avatar for Terri Strouse

    Terri Strouse

    Excellent for those who are just getting started. It only took about eight days for them to flower, and it was hardly any work. I smoke it to get rid of my migraines, stress, and this hybrid helped me a lot to have a long and deep sleep. Blackberry Auto is an excellent strain for achieving a relaxing, almost euphoric high. I suggest you guys try this!

  3. Avatar for Janice Fancher

    Janice Fancher

    A marvelous strain. For relaxing, muscle weakness, and tremors, it functions very well. The only main disadvantage is the problem of one toke over the fence’. Two or three hits is necessary. Anything after that is only going to place you in a staring coma. Don’t dream about going for the control at all. It’s always that far away… With a sharp fruity odor, the plant also produces large and shaggy. The scent, though, is not instantly known as weed as many other (dominant) Indica.

  4. Avatar for Peter Huynh

    Peter Huynh

    Super thankful to Beaver Seeds for making this available for purchase. I need not look elsewhere just to buy good quality Blackberry Autoflower MJ seeds. I have been growing this for quite some time now and I am loving the relaxing effect that it gives me every night! I have not left any reviews on the site yet, so I am doing this one today!

  5. Avatar for Brent Summers

    Brent Summers

    I am super satisfied with Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds. I bought 10 seeds, and after at least 6 weeks, using the SOG method, they all grew up pretty well at 9-13 inches tall. I honestly tried strains from other online stores before but unfortunately, for some reasons that I don’t know, they don’t grow as fast and as tall as the ones I bought from Beaver Seed. You can never go wrong with Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds. I will give them 5 stars for it!

  6. Avatar for Lynn Chandler

    Lynn Chandler

    Taste, THC, and Potency all in one delicious little nug! Its pungent smell and densely packed crystal covered flowers. One of the best smokes around. The buzz hits the head first, but subtle. And then the magic happens. Your whole body gets light and lazy. May even run this one again, I love it. My first time buying beans from you and I’m more than impressed.

  7. Avatar for Alfonso Page

    Alfonso Page

    I have to rank this particular grow 10/10. It has a sweet fruity berry flavor. Superior in grind, color, and quality. Very Yummy! I call this either a night time smoke or rainy day smoke, not because it’s sedative, but you will be lazy. Great for relaxing and chilling. Not great for active days. This is an excellent strain for new growers. Thank you for having premium seeds.

  8. Avatar for Matt Keller

    Matt Keller

    Blackberry Strain has a sweet blackberry and earthy smell and taste. Very nice relaxing, mellow high. Great for social occasions, or just to relax after a long day. One of my top 10 strains ever. I am looking forward to growing it again. Safest and reputable company to buy from!

  9. Avatar for Lyle Munoz

    Lyle Munoz

    I am very proud of my first grow. I was not expecting very much but what I get I am satisfied. Incredible look. Great smell and flavor. Smooth smoke. One of my favorites by far hands down very smooth and an awesome body high. Keep up the good work Beaver Seeds!

  10. Avatar for Orlando Ball

    Orlando Ball

    The fruity earthy flavor was smooth and not overpowering. No cough. It actually tastes and smells like blackberries. It helps me focus, helps me during this time of quarantine, it helps with depression and helps with thinking of good creative things to do with my family while being safe in the house. This is not my first go around with Beaver Seeds and will not be my last!

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