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Store Marijuana Seeds

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People who are newer in the cannabis cultivation world often ask about cannabis seeds. How to store marijuana seeds is a question that always comes up. How can the seeds be safely stored? How long will the cannabis seeds last in storage? Will they have the same qualities as the newer seeds? Here are a few basic things that you have to remember in properly taking care of your marijuana seeds.

How to Care for Cannabis Seeds: A Brief Answer

Always store your marijuana seeds in a cool, dry place, and never let the seeds be exposed to direct sunlight. When you store your seeds appropriately, you can grow prime quality cannabis plants with decade-old seeds just as you could with newly harvested ones.

Why Is Proper Seed Storage Necessary

With the correct technique in storage, marijuana seeds can remain viable for five up to ten years. Seed storage is very important for several reasons. Someone who had just created their own high-quality genetic strains may want to keep the seeds to reproduce the strain. 

Some people, on the other hand, who live in the regions where there is a lot of cannabis activism and reform are also hoarding and stockpiling seeds of their favorite strains to grow in their area when it becomes legal in their future. Whatever your reasons might be, remember that taking care of the seeds is one of the most important things that you need to do.

The Atmosphere is the Key: Think Cold, Dark, and Dry

Cannabis seeds should be stored somewhere at a cold temperature that can be described as frigid. Whether you choose to store your seeds in a freezer, refrigerator, or cabinet drawer, it is important to leave them there unscathed until you reach the perfect time to germinate. Rapid temperature variations will surely ruin the generic integrity of your marijuana seeds.

Moreover, marijuana seeds should never be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept in a dark, dry place. Take note, excess light and humidity can only lead to premature germination. The ideal conditions are 9 percent or lesser humidity.

Different Techniques for Storing Cannabis Seeds

If you are thinking about storing for a few weeks or months, you can place your marijuana seeds in a grip seal bag, then, place them in a mason jar or another airtight container. If you are thinking beyond that, you can go for a vacuum-sealed package as it is actually the most popular option. Many expert cannabis seed savers choose to add a food-grade desiccant or silica gel in their package as well.

As mentioned above, cannabis seeds thrive in colder temperatures so that they will not use their essence and potency. Either freezing them or refrigerating them is a strong option. On the other hand, when you keep the seeds inside your refrigerator, you should place them as far back as possible so they will not be exposed to any temperature changes when the refrigerator door is opened.

Another notable fact to think about is that when you freeze your seeds, thawing them and refreezing them makes them so much lesser viable. Both refrigeration and freezing can also lead to an excess of moisture because it is something that you need to monitor closely.

When cannabis seeds are properly stored, most home growers find the majority are still full of life after five years. More experienced growers even stretch the high-grade cannabis storage with seeds up to 10 years old. There is never an exact formula when you think about natural living organisms, but just like humans, cannabis plants and their seeds can always benefit from extra love and care.

Ideal Temperature and Humidity Levels for Cannabis Seeds Storage

Temperature and humidity are two very important factors affecting the cannabis seeds quality during storage. Marijuana seeds can absorb moisture from wet atmospheres and then dry out when placed in drier atmospheres. The storage life of cannabis seed is doubled for every 1 percent decrease in the moisture content. The problems of maintaining seed germination and viability will increase with the content of moisture in the marijuana seeds.

If the seed moisture is:

  1. 8 to 9 percent – Insects present become more active and start to reproduce.
  2. 12 to 14 percent – The growth of fungi develops in the seed.
  3. 18 to 20 percent – Heating occurs in the seed.
  4. 40 to 60 percent – Germination occurs in the seed.
  5. 80 to 100 percent – Seeds will drown and become wilted after leaving them moist after more than 12 hours.

Heating is caused by the natural respiration of marijuana seeds, fungi, and bacteria inside and within the seeds, which can build up rapidly in a very moist environment. High moisture levels and high temperatures will kill cannabis seeds as quickly as an invasion of micro-organisms and insects.

The life of the stored seed doubles for every 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius in storage environment temperature.

Refrigeration to at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius is recommended. The cooler the temperature, the more slowly the seed vitality declines. This rule also applies to very low temperatures even in freezing conditions. At these very low temperatures, the insects and fungi become inactive.

Six Quick Tips in Storing Your Marijuana Seeds

  1. Use an opaque and tight jar. The small size of marijuana seeds makes them quite easy to keep. There are many options to store them: boxes, zip-lock bags, and straws. The perfect choice, though, is an opaque and hermetic plastic jar, similar to camera film canisters.
  2. Label your containers for easier identification. This will allow you to remember the specific strain of cannabis for your future use. If you are someone with an extensive list of cannabis seeds, it helps to know which one and when you have stored them so it would be easier to come back to them when it is time for planting.
  3. Keep your seeds in a clean environment. Great hygiene will allow help to prevent the proliferation of contaminants in crops and in conservation areas. Cleaning should be something second nature to cannabis home growers and collectors.
  4. Keep them in a dry environment. Humidity is a cannabis grower’s greatest enemy. The presence of fungi and mold can completely ruin a seed and an entire marijuana crop.
  5. Expose them to cool temperatures. Make sure that the temperature does not go beyond 4 to 8 Celsius.
  6. Avoid light. The opacity of your cannabis seed container prevents the exposure of the seeds to light, but it is very advisable to store them in places like refrigerators and cabinets without light.

Knowing how to store marijuana seeds is very essential for all cannabis growers. By following these abovementioned tips, you can ensure that you can safely keep your seeds for future growth. Whatever you choose to do with these seeds in the future, following the proper storage guidelines will ensure they will serve their purpose to the grower who took care of them.

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