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feminized plants produce seeds

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Any cannabis user who has enjoyed and savored a cannabis joint owed this feeling to the fruits of the cannabis, more specifically to the female species. The reason behind is that only the female cannabis produces the cannabinoid-rich flowers that are responsible for the flavors and effects that users look for. A lot of cannabis growers are using feminized seeds but some people are curious, do feminized plants produce seeds?

These feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that only carry female genetics and can be relied on to produce only female plants. Cannabis growers apply creative techniques to seed feminization to ensure female genetics in seeds partnered with a nearly 100% success rate. Here we give you the overall information you might need to know about feminized cannabis plants.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are produced in a way to ensure that all the resulting plants will be female. The difference they have with regular cannabis seeds is that the regular seeds will produce half male and half female plants.

Although having a male plant can be considered an asset to any breeding program, the downside is having to watch over and throw away half the plants. This can be a waste of time and space for growers who needs to have a continuous supply of cannabis bud.

Do Feminized Plants Produce Seeds?

If you’re a novice in the cannabis industry and you’re wondering do feminized plants produce seeds, the answer to curiosity is that yes. It will produce seeds and the seeds will become feminized as well.

A lot of cannabis growers invest in growing feminized plants because of the sure return of the feminized seeds. These seeds are going to give female plants that in turn will produce buds and the cycle will repeat itself automatically.

How to Feminize Cannabis Seeds


There are two methods to feminize seeds: naturally or by applying a chemical substance that forces a female plant to pollinate. In essence, a severely distressed female cannabis plant will naturally become a hermaphrodite and it will produce pollen sacs in order to self-pollinate.

This is actually a survival mechanism built into all female cannabis plants but this can only be triggered when the future of the plant’s lineage is compromised. Having a hermaphrodite can cause a disastrous breeding situation as it can pollinate female plants that are meant to be harvested which will, in turn, cause the buds to stop developing and to produce seeds.

Using a colloidal silver to a female plant is the preferred method of feminizing cannabis plants. This causes the plant to develop pollen sacs without compromising the lineages genes and here is how you can it in your own home:

  1. Choose two female plants that you will use. You need to make sure that each plant has strong genes. One of the plants will be chemically treated to grow male sex organs while the other will be pollinated.
  2. Purchase a colloidal silver solution that has a minimum of 30 parts per million (PPM) of silver. You can buy the colloidal silver solution in any store that sells dietary supplements.
  3. Spray the colloidal silver solution. You can directly apply the colloidal silver solution on the plant’s bud sites until they are drenched, you should do this each day of the first 3-4 weeks of the plant’s flowering stage.

You should stop spraying once you see the pollen sacs have appeared and beginning to open. Never smoke the buds that form on this plant because they may have been coated with colloidal silver.

  1. Collect the pollen. When you notice that the pollen sacs are swollen and begin to split open, this is a clear indication that the pollen sacs are ready to be harvested. You can harvest it by simply removing the pollen sacs from the plant and let them air dry for about a week and once it dries out, shake the sacs in a bag to gather the feminized pollen.
  2. Pollinate the second plant by using the pollen you have gathered. Take note that the female plant should have been in 2-3 weeks into its flowering stage for it to be pollinated.
  3. You can wait for about 6 weeks to harvest the seeds. Harvesting should be done once you notice that the calyxes on the pollinated plant are swollen and showing seeds. 

Reason for Trying Feminized Seeds in Your Garden


  • Better Cannabis Genetics

A lot of cannabis strains that came from feminized cannabis seeds have had their genetics carefully controlled by a breeder. This is to ensure that it brings out defining characteristics of each strain. An advantage of this is that it gives consumers more options in terms of flavors, aromas, and cannabinoids.

These feminized plants are believed to be more productive, aromatic, powerful and attractive. The feminized seeds are also made to ensure that the plant being grown are working well in the conditions that a grower is growing on. 

  • Gives Guarantee

These feminized plants give a guarantee that no plant will be male or a hermaphrodite. When a female cannabis plant undergoes extreme stress, it can affect the results but using feminized seeds is a good way to increase yields, save work, and get higher value from the seeds.

  • Clone and Breed with More Control

When a breeder uses feminized plants for cloning, it gives them a greater likelihood that the plant is going to be a female plant. A noticeable advantage of using feminized seeds is the ability to better control the breeding of the plant. 

It offers more control over the whole process and it seeks to standardize the cannabis industry. Also, it has helped by making the process of growing more reliable and for many reasons, it has become the standard in the cannabis industry.

  • Allows growers to work less with the Plants

If properly grown, a feminized cannabis plant can give a 100% guarantee that each plant grown from the seed will produce large amounts of bud. This will mean that a garden will yield more if they operate at or below plant count restriction.

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