10 Unexpected Practical Uses of Marijuana that You Might Not Know

uses of marijuana

For millions of people all over the world, cannabis is an effective recreational release. But for millions more, cannabis is used as a potent and powerful medical treatment that helps alleviate dozens of symptoms of extreme health issues. As cannabis legalization spreads to many more places, cannabis is slowly becoming an important staple in the days of many patients.

The great thing is that cannabis is now seen not just as a tool for getting high. More and more complexities of the marijuana plant are being unraveled, and new ways of utilizing the plant are being discovered day by day. So, what are some of the lesser-known uses of cannabis? Read more to find out.

  1. Improve Lung Capacity – In spite of smoking cigarettes leading to a decrease in lung capacity and function, some research shows that cannabis can help the lungs. Lung conditions like lung cancer and emphysema actually show a regression when treated using medical marijuana. Since both of these illnesses extremely restrict the capacity of the lungs, the use of cannabis can aid patients in regaining the normal function of their lungs.
  2. Help With Muscle Spasms – Parkinson’s disease is something that is very frustrating and heart-breaking to suffer from. Smoking marijuana can actually help against these uncontrollable muscle tremors. Cannabis can also reduce the pain that is partnered with the disease. Reports show that people who continually use cannabis experience a significant improvement in their fine motor skills.
  3. Help Relieve Chronic Pain – Speaking of opioids, everyone knows how widespread the opioid epidemic has been all over the globe. People get hooked on taking painkillers, and more and more people die as a result. But, cannabis, according to some studies, is a great alternative. Though there is much more research to be done, many cannabis strains have been proven as a viable option for patients who deal with chronic pain.
  4. Slow Down Cancer Cell Growth and Stop Them from Spreading – According to evidence collected by the federal government and other private industry scientists, cannabinoids can combat against specific types of cancer. Cannabinoids help turn off specific genes, which in turn will slow down cancer growth. Mostly, cannabinoids can help cancers in the brain, lungs, and breasts. Medical marijuana also helps in dealing with symptoms exhibited by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting.
  5. Aid Against Weight Problems – People are always finding ways to lose weight. Surprise! Cannabis can actually help you with that. Many people with eating problems, whether over or under, are using marijuana to regulate their appetite, as well as their metabolism. Of course, this is not a cure-all, and working on your weight still needs some work. But, alongside following a diet and exercising, cannabis can be a great help.
  6. Help Fight Drug Addiction and Alcoholism – Taken from an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, marijuana use can help beat opioid and alcohol addiction in some people. One of the main reasons that cannabis is a great substitute is because marijuana has fewer negative side effects, and users will not experience such great withdrawal experiences. Studies also show that using marijuana is a safer alternative to addiction to tobacco and alcohol.
  7. Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Depression – If you suffer from any one of these mental illnesses, marijuana can help combat the symptoms of these conditions. Depression affects roughly 15 million American adults or around 7% of the population. And the good news is that studies are being published that cannabinoids can help stabilize your mood and ease depression. The Colorado Department of Public Health devoted 2 million dollars to study the efficacy of CBD, a cannabis component, in treating PTSD. The results were promising; with CBD effectively regulating the system that generates anxiety and fear within the body and brain. Closely related to depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are also among the things marijuana can help regulate. If you plan on trying cannabis to deal with your anxiety issues, it’s important you find the right strain.
  8. Regulate and Prevent Diabetes – Cannabis does not necessarily cure diabetes. But, many studies have shown that most cannabis users are thinner compared to non-users. Their bodies are also reported to have a healthier response in terms of processing sugar. On the other hand, patients suffering from type 2 diabetes struggle to process insulin properly. One study has presented that people who use marijuana had a lower rate of insulin resistance. They also could produce their own insulin better and had a lower level of blood glucose levels when fasting.
  9. Regulate Seizures – Epileptic seizures are exhibited as a result of the body’s nervous system misfiring signals between the body and the brain. The cannabinoid compound that is extracted from marijuana can help with the long term treatment of epilepsy when taken at regular doses. There is a strong anecdotal event that suggests that patients that use CBD oil see it as the only treatment that effectively worked. The science behind this benefit has to do with cannabinoids in marijuana binding to certain brain cells. These cells are the ones responsible for relaxation and excitability. By binding them, the brain cells become calmer and less likely to trigger a seizure.
  10. Improve Sexual Health – Nope, this is not about getting high and then getting down and dirty. Researchers have found that taking cannabis is a valuable tool to protect people from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases. Scientists are now exploring marijuana as a cure against herpes and fight against HIV.

The Future of Cannabis and the Medical Community

One of the most intense roadblocks of promoting medical marijuana is the social stigma connected to the plant. Uneducated people tend to think that smoking is the only to consume the plant and reap possible benefits. This just leads people to think up images of the usual stoner who is useless and glued to his couch. But, in reality, this misconception is so much far from the truth. 

There are many companies all over the world who are committed to developing newer and healthier ways to consume beneficial cannabinoid extracts without having to smoke them if you do not want. The future is bright in medical marijuana, so you should not hesitate to check them out.

10 Strains to Boost Your Gaming Performance

strains to boost your gaming performance

When it comes to playing video games, focus and creativity are very important. Just like watching a movie, you need to stay stimulated for you to understand what is happening and how to react in various situations. There’s no denying that video games have become even more popular these days. The competition has become a lot fiercer than ever and for you to rise on top, you need to stay alert, focused, and committed. 

There are many ways in which you can boost your gaming performance. You can train all day and develop your skills through experience. Also, you need to love the game that you’re playing and be passionate about it for you to become a better gamer. There are indeed lots of ways that you can boost your gaming performance and one of the best ways is by taking the best cannabis strains. 

If you’re looking for the best strain that can elevate your game, then you came to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best 10 strains that can boost your gaming performance. Check and compare these strains and find which one is most suited for you. 

Acapulco Gold

One of the classic and legendary cannabis strain, the Acapulco Gold is quite famous to many gamers all over the world. It has been used by countless digital warriors because of its uplifting and invigorating effects. It’s known to boost your focus and concentration as well. This strain came from pure Mexican sativas and you can expect great mental clarity from it. It’s also known for its euphoric effects that can surely help you enjoy the game even more. It has a very strong earthy aroma and you’ll surely love its sweet overtones after exhaling it. 


Vortex is another popular cannabis strain that can effectively boost one’s gaming performance. It’s an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid that is a lovechild between Space Queen and Apollo 13. Due to its legendary parents, Vortex has inherited uplifting and euphoric effects. It’s one of those cannabis strains that give you more concentration and allows you to create a smart and practical strategy. If you want to sharpen your brains while playing, then this strain is definitely for you. 

Lemon Haze

With Lemon Haze, there’s no need for you to grab candy or a coffee just to set your focus straight on whatever game that you’re playing. Its savory sweet and citrusy aroma is enough to keep you awake. This sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a pleasant uplifting effect. It also gives you a great buzz which is extremely cerebral. Not only will you experience great focus and concentration but your energy will also be significantly boosted. Just make sure though that you stay hydrated since this strain can give you dryness of mouth and eyes. 

Blue Dream

Another incredible cannabis strain that can dramatically improve your gaming experience and performance is the Blue Dream. This 60/40 hybrid is popular among many gamers, artists, and celebrities. It helps you become more creative and you’ll be able to come up with brilliant plans and strategies while playing. Blue Dream also gives out that signature Indica dominant high but without feeling sleepy. You’ll also love how this strain can give you amazing euphoric high. Considered as no. 1 cannabis strain in Colorado, it has earned its reputation as the best strain to enhance physical and mental performance. 


Now, if you love eating chocolates while playing video games, then we guarantee that you’re going to love Chocolope. This is a heavy sativa strain that came from legendary indigenous strains. It has sophisticated taste and aroma which will surely uplift your spirit as you playing your most favorite game. Not only that, but Chocolope is also known to give you a great sense of peace, happiness, and optimism. If you wanted to stay happy and at the same time competitive, then this strain should be more than enough. Stay awake and focus as you enjoy your most favorite game. 

White Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous cannabis strain in the world. One of the reasons why a lot of cannabis enthusiasts love this strain is because it enhances their senses and at the same time gives them priceless euphoria. For gamers, they need to stay sharp and focus throughout the gameplay, and this is where the White Widow becomes very helpful. It helps you become more energetic, both mentally and physically. With this strain, you can become a better and more active player than your competitors. 

Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon is the most powerful strain in our list. This strain is very much like Acapulco Gold since it came from pure African Sativa. It gives the user remarkable cerebral high and naturally gets rid of any distractions, allowing you to accomplish your goals. Not only will this strain give you a better focus and concentration but it also gives you more energy. The combination of euphoria and great concentration are necessary if you want to enjoy the game and at the same time nail it. 

Star Tonic

Playing competitive matches or against enemy bosses require focus and great concentration. Fortunately, you can amplify your focus just by taking Star tonic. Not only is this strain used to treat anxieties and nervousness, but it also gives you a more relaxing feeling without losing any of your concentration. It can also be used during late-night games since it’s known to give you more energy and helps you stay awake throughout the game quest. 

Granddaddy Purple

Are you a casual gamer who doesn’t think much about winning but just wanted to have an awesome time? Well then, the Granddaddy Purple is the right strain for you. Things can become pretty interesting and your game becomes more fun if you use this strain. Although it loses some of your focus, due to the relaxing and euphoric effects it brings you, Granddaddy Purple puts a smile on your face even in the face of defeat. If you just want to have a good time while playing your favorite game, then this strain highly recommended. 

La Niña

La Niña is a cross between traditional Haze and White Widow. It’s a very potent strain that gives you an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. This is another beautiful strain that helps you enjoy the game even more. You’ll experience great euphoria after taking this strain. Also, it’s known to provide users a very relaxing effect. Moreover, this strain can also boost the player’s focus and energy. 

Final Thoughts

These strains should make your game experience more interesting. Not only will they give you an advantage over your opponents but it will also give you a sense of peace while playing. This means that you’ll feel less-stress while beating everyone and even if you’re losing, you’ll still feel happy and contented, thanks to the uplifting and euphoric effects of cannabis. 

When buying these strains, it’s important that you only buy from reputable resources. Always check their background and don’t forget to read reviews and feedback. It’s also recommended that you join forums or online communities where people gather and share their favorite strains while playing games. Win or lose, with marijuana, you’ll get to enjoy every part of the game. 


10 Marijuana Strains to Keep You Productive at Work

Strains Productive at Work

Studies show a positive correlation between productivity at work and marijuana. It shows that if a person uses marijuana, his or her creativity is enhanced that will eventually attract positive mindset such as motivation and energy that will boost productivity. In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 marijuana strains that will keep you productive at work.

  • Durban Poison

The name of this strain contradicts its flavor of licorice and mint that gives off a unique taste. Its effects can be felt in a matter of minutes that will surely intensify and boost your energy like drinking a cup of espresso.

Its fast-acting effects will last for hours that will let you get up and do your thing. Its large concentration of THC influences its ability to motivate a person to be productive. Its amount if CBD balances the strain’s psychoactive effect so it won’t give a stony feeling. 

  • Super Lemon Haze

This strain has the ability to boost your energy to give you a unique vibe that will let you stay active the whole day. This is a perfect strain if you are to do extraneous activities that will give you an increase in your heart rate. 

Aside from extraneous activities, it is a strain recommended if you need to have an intense focus on accomplishing your tasks. It has refreshing notes of citrus flavor that will suit every taste bud. 

  • Kali Mist

This is a strain that is best for first-time users. It is a good daytime strain to calm your mind so that you can easily feel a sense of motivation to be creative and productive throughout the day. Expect that you will not have fading energy even its high goes away.

Be cautious in dosing using this strain because an overdose intake may cause differently. Another downside of this strain is that it has an overpowering smell but its spicy taste compliments it all.

  • Jillybean

This strain is popular for its Aromatherapeutic vibes. Aside from its high, its sweet taste and smell have the ability to uplift your mood. Many users get hooked to this strain because of its strong aroma of mangoes, oranges, and wildflowers.

The high it gives is not too overpowering. It gives you the right level of energy and a good mood throughout the day. Expect that within your high, it will make you sociable and productive without draining your bodily functioning. 

  • Super Silver Haze

This strain’s agenda is to help you overcome the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing while getting your work done. It has an uplifting vibe after smelling its complementary blend of sweet and spicy flavors.

Since it gives off a high potency, it is not recommended if you go to work or school. It is well recommended for at-home activities that will require both physical and mental functioning.

  • Jack Herer

This is a potent strain that leaves you with a clear-headed mind. Its high may take effect slowly but expect that it will leave you a long-lasting effect. It is recommended to use it for at least a few hours before going to school or office so that its high is just in time in making your day’s activities.

This is a perfect strain if you are working on an art piece or if you are in a group that requires brainstorming. Because of its extreme potency, it is not an advisable strain for those who have paranoia because it may be triggered. 

  • Cinex

This is one of the strains that have the ability to give you long-lasting high. If you take it in the morning, expect to have an all-day effect that will still transpire at night. It is a strain for productivity and motivation that is why if you have a lot of pending work, this strain is for you.

As the high fades away you will feel a little dehydrated with a clear-headed mind just in time to get to sleep. Aside from its psychoactive effects, it also has therapeutic benefits in treating different kinds of chronic pain.

  • Harlequin

This strain may not give you high energy that will help you accomplish a task but it has the ability to give you a clear-headed mind to have a mental ability that will help you think of better ways to improve your work. This strain only has a little THC concentration that’s why you don’t have to worry about consuming too much.

If you are suffering from pain and having a hard time focusing, this strain is perfect for you. It would still allow you to be productive amidst the hardships that you are experiencing physically.

  • Mango Kush (The Tasty Marijuana Strain)

This strain is known as the tasty marijuana strain because of its flavorful taste and aroma. This strain gives the user a burst of energy with a pleasant high. If you want to be productive at work, use it at daytime. 

This may not be the most powerful strain but expect that it is an effective strain that both affects your mental and physical functioning. It gives you a sense of motivation and physical energy to accomplish your tasks. As the high fades away, it will give you a relaxing vibe just in time for nighttime relaxation.

  • Strawberry Cough 

As the name implies, it will surely give you a taste and aroma like that of strawberry but expect that you will cough because of its harshness on the throat during the first smoke. The initial effect would be for intense energy.

Users who are suffering from stress, difficulty focusing, anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical illnesses also benefit from this strain. An overdose usage of this strain may lead to a delay in the manifestation of its effects that is why knowledge about the proper way of dosage is important.

Final Thoughts

These top 10 marijuana strains that will keep you productive at work proves that the use of marijuana has other uses that will help you discover the positive aspects of yourself.

9 Phases of Being High with Weed Stoner’s Secrets Revealed

Phases of Being High

A good quality weed can give a mix of emotions like relaxing, creative, enjoyable. Aside from these effects, smoking weed is also a great way to bond, unwind and spend time with friends and families. Imagine yourself at the end of a very stressful work week, you definitely deserve to get righteously stoned. 

What makes cannabis consumption wonderful and intriguing at the same time is that the experience can be extremely subjective. Although users may report to having similar reactions to smoking cannabis, there will still be some unique differences with the overall experience. If you’re new in the cannabis industry, you should know that there are different phases that users undergo to experience that stoned feeling.

The Phases of Being High


Stage 1: Uncertainty

This stage will depend on how you consume your cannabis and this can be very short or very long. Other times, you might not feel this stage to start at all. But once you do, you might find yourself asking “Did that work?”. You might even think that what you’re feeling is a placebo and with other cannabis forms that take longer to hit such as edibles, you might even start eating large amounts.

This action can be a bad idea since you will eventually feel the kick in and by the time you have consumed a lot, you might experience getting that stones feeling immediately. The uncertainty stage might leave you thinking a lot about what being high really feels like and you might even trick yourself that you are not feeling it yet.

Stage 2: The Hit

This is the time that you will feel your eyes starting to widen just a bit and you will not be doubting the effect at this stage. For some users, this can be one of the most pleasant cannabis ingesting moments. It can also be a comforting feeling and you will tell yourself that this is the high feeling starting to build up. 

Watch out as you might have a coughing session depending on how potent your cannabis strain is. Whatever intense feeling you might experience, keep in mind that this is the marker that the high has begun and it’s now time to really see where this ride takes you.

Stage 3: Soaring

You will experience a sense of euphoria once the hit begins. This euphoric meaning might be for the actual feeling or for knowledge of what’s to come. You will usually do a lot of giggling while exclaiming to your friends about your mental state and you might notice that the world looks different from how it did five minutes ago. 

At this stage, you can put on your favorite music or your favorite television show and just enjoy them while playing. You will also get the feeling that your thoughts have become more interesting and you feel the need to share them with the people around you. A good thing about this stage is that you would want to make sure that everyone is having a swell time like you. 

Stage 4: Eating

It’s highly impossible for you to skip this stage of being high regardless if you have plans for healthy living. Although if you experience munchies, you need to make sure that even before your smoking session begins, healthy food snacks are available within your reach. When you are on this stage, every food presented or even though of will sound delicious. 

This is also the stage that you might find yourself getting creative with your food by mixing different food types into one another. You might also act like a gourmet chef that is highly determined to make the best grilled cheese the world might come to know. This stage can be highly enjoyable until you feel your stomach suddenly staging a rebellion.

Stage 5: Paranoia

Most people who have tried using cannabis is very familiar with this stage of being high. You will no longer feel the initial rush, your sense of euphoria gives way to more concrete thoughts and now you feel that you are very much in your own head. It’s definitely difficult to make sense of different stimuli presented to you when you’re high, this is the time that you may misinterpret things happening around you. 

You may interpret your friend’s poker face as getting worried and if you have ordered pizza, the pizza delivery guy may feel like cops knocking on your door. You may begin to stop moving to avoid stupid stoner fails and you may see your friends laughing at you. A lot of users may start worrying that they’re too high or their heartbeat is too rapid. 

Users may also begin to fear that their friends are not having a good time or they might have missed something important. This is the worst stage of being high and this feeling of paranoia may be remedied by employing basic relaxation techniques and a little bit of time.

Stage 6: Pensiveness

This stage is dependent on the person, the cannabis strain, context, and various other factors. Users may experience a phase of pensive thinking while being high. You’re sober enough to appreciate your cannabis perspective and this is the time you take some time to introspect. You may notice that deep thoughts cross your minds and it can even occur at high speeds. 

This might be the stage that there’s a chance to learn something new without leaving your own head and you draw some interesting connections and see that there are a lot of interesting things in the world. People who are in this stage may seem reclusive and they might withdraw from the social circle and work things through.

Stage 7: Sharing

After having pensive thoughts, cannabis users may start wondering about the world outside of them once again. At this stage, you might notice yourself wanting to reconnect with your friends, check-in and share some of the thoughts you were having. The sharing stage might be one of the most fun parts of a social high since this has the opportunity to share experiences among friends and receive feedback on thoughts that might have great value to you.

Stage 8: Cycles of Confusion and Clarity

Your high experience will be in tune with the alternating stages of confusion and clarity. You will clearly notice this stage just after the peak of the high since you’re still experiencing serious changes to the way you think and track thoughts, but you also have the ability to engage and follow your thoughts.

Experiencing confusion will also give rise to a new focus and suddenly this will open the period of clarity follows. However, you will still get distracted and the whole cycle begins.

Stage 9: Chilling

This is the final stage of being high and probably the most pleasant stage as well. You will no longer feel that you are lost in your head or your atmosphere, but you are now more relaxed. You have the opportunity to sit back, curl up with a blanket and watch your television shows while having conversations with friends. You may feel tired, but during this stage, you will feel a cozy kind of being tired.

You are aware that your bed is already waiting for you and you will just experience a wonderful feeling, but you already feel that contentment for the time being. There’s also an increased feeling that you may opt to lay back on the couch and chill out. If you feel awake, asleep or even somewhere in between, you just need to find a comfy surface, warm blanket and you find yourself savoring an all-around good feeling.

Bonus Stage: Repetition

Keep in mind that these stages will not come in a set order each time you consume your cannabis. It’s good to know that you can never plan your high ahead of time. You might think that after the hit, you begin to settle in, think pensively, wants to start a conversation or feel hungry again. The main point is, the stages of getting high will come in cycles of repetition and they may become hard to predict but they are frequently present and familiar. You should expect that they will repeat themselves all the faster if you take another hit.

Just like what cannabis users can attest to, no two highs are the same and no two strains are also the same. These may be familiar stages of being high that you might have personally experienced. Not all of the stages are considered great especially when you experience paranoia slowly creeping in. But you should always be on the lookout for the first moments of getting high to those final and highly meditative instances just before you drift off for the night.

These stages are always pretty good to savor and they also give different experiences yet familiar phases in each stage. By knowing all the stages of being high, you should be excited to try ingesting cannabis for the weekend.

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

Need to Know Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, people can use cannabis in two ways: recreationally and as a medicine. When used as a remedy, it is will be called medical marijuana. If you’re wondering about its use as a drug, then you need to know by now what medical marijuana is and if you can take advantage of it for your health condition. 

Medical Marijuana – What Is It?

Medical marijuana is the term used for describing the use of a cannabis plant or its chemical compounds to cure diseases or disorders. It is the same with recreational cannabis, but the only difference is that medical marijuana is obviously for medical purposes. 

A cannabis plant has over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Each one of them has a specific effect on the human body. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the main chemical compounds used in taking medical marijuana. THC is the chemical compound that makes you feel “high” when you smoke cannabis or eat edibles. 


Difference Between Recreational Cannabis and Medical Marijuana

Typically, there are strict guidelines to follow regarding medical cannabis production in Canada, the UK, and other countries where its cultivation is legal. Medical marijuana has been formulated to provide some type of relief for the symptoms linked to a specific disease or medical condition or to ease the adverse effects of medical treatment. On the contrary, recreational cannabis induces an intoxicated feeling or changes in a person’s mood. 

At times, this distinction becomes muddied when people bought cannabis for recreational purposes for what they assume to be a medical reason. The same is the case when people buy medical marijuana when they want to experience being intoxicated due to weed. The purpose of recreational cannabis and medical marijuana is different. 

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has become legal in most parts of the world as a treatment for minor issues like headaches to severe conditions like multiple sclerosis. Using medical marijuana as a treatment is ideal for a variety of medical conditions, including:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Eating disorders like anorexia
  • Chron’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychological issues like PTSD and schizophrenia
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Pain

However, further studies are necessary to prove and ensure the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating most of these conditions. On the other hand, many things prove the healing effects of weed in dealing with the negative effects of chemotherapy, particularly nausea, vomiting, and chronic pain. 

How Does Medical Marijuana Help?

Cannabinoids, the active chemical compounds in cannabis, are the same as the chemicals naturally produced by the human body. These chemicals in your system are responsible for your appetite, movement, memory, and pain you might be experiencing. 

According to research, cannabinoids are capable of:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain
  • Controlling nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy
  • Killing the cancer cells and delaying tumor growth
  • Making tight muscles relaxed, which is beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Stimulating appetite and enhancing weight gain in persons with AIDS and cancer

Can Medical Cannabis Help in Dealing with Seizure Disorders?

Yes, there are now medical cannabis strains, particularly those with higher CBD content. These strains of weed are more effective in treating a variety of health problems, including seizure disorders like epilepsy.

How to Acquire Medical Marijuana?

To acquire medical marijuana, you will need to get a written recommendation coming from a registered doctor. Before that, make sure that it’s legal to buy and use medical cannabis in your area. That’s true as not all doctors are eager to recommend medical weed. 

Also, you should have a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use. In the US, every state has a list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be used for. 

Also, you must get your medical marijuana card for a hassle-free way to buy. Once you have it, you can start buying medical cannabis at a dispensary. The requirements in applying for a medical marijuana card may vary from one location to another. 

Medical Marijuana Doctor

How Should One Take It?

You can take medical cannabis in several ways. You can smoke it or inhale it by using a vaporizer which turns the substance into vapor. You can eat it, too. You can have it like a lollipop or brownies. You can also apply it directly to your skin. Medical cannabis is now available as a lotion, oil, spray, or cream. You can also put some drops of a marijuana tincture underneath your tongue.

How you take medical marijuana depends on your preference. Every method works differently in your body. When you smoke and vaporize marijuana, you will notice and feel its effects sooner. When you eat it, the effects may even take longer to come by. With edibles, the effects may come in 1 to 2 hours after the intake. 

How Long Does Medical Marijuana Last in a Person’s Body?

If you’re suffering from a medical condition in which medical marijuana can help, it is best to discuss the matter with your physician. Talk to him about the ideal dose and how the use of marijuana can affect your everyday activities. In certain cases, the guidelines suggest not to drive your car in 3 to 4 hours you inhaled about 400 milligrams of medical cannabis. 

6 hours if the substance was consumed orally and 8 hours if you experienced a high. If there is intoxication or sedation, then the dosage should decrease. 

How to Qualify as a Medical Marijuana Patient

The following are just the basic steps to take if you want to be a registered medical cannabis patient in your area:

  • Proof of residence – of course, you need to show proof that you are a resident of the city or state. If you have a driving license, you can use it as proof. Just make sure it is valid. 
  • You must have a qualifying medical condition – medical marijuana is not for all health problems. Therefore, you have to know which medical conditions your state or city might be considered qualified for medical marijuana use. Mostly, these include debilitating conditions like cancer, AIDS or HIV, glaucoma, neuropathic pain, and arthritis. Usually, medical marijuana is reserved for those patients who have worse or terminal diseases.
  • Know the local laws implemented in your state or city – if you live in the United States, then you know that the laws differ from city to city and state to state. Hence, you should do your homework and find out more about the legality of medical marijuana in your area. Medical marijuana patients and providers are weak to national and state protests, prosecution, and imprisonment. Thus, these people might suffer from pervasive discrimination in child custody, employment, public accommodation, education, public accommodation, and medical care. Laws that protect the patients and providers differ from one state to another. In some instances, these laws vary from one country to another. 
  • Written consent from your doctor or any other qualified medical professional – talk to a primary care doctor. If not, look for those doctors with knowledge of medical marijuana. 

Once you have the requirements and necessary documents, you can present them all to the issuing office to finish your application. You will be getting your medical marijuana card in no time.

Fight Depression with these 10 Cannabis Strains

cannabis strains for depression

The use of cannabis is known for its ability to uplift the mood that is why it is commonly used by consumers who are experiencing mood disorders such as depression. Cannabis acts out effectively by activating the endocannabinoid receptors to alter negative responses. In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 strains that fights depression.

  • Pennywise Strain

This strain is a relatively high strain with THC and CBD levels of 12-15%. Its Indica-dominant traits make this strain outstanding for its medical benefits. It has the flavor and aroma of coffee with hints of fruity flavor.

Its powerful high will gradually boost its cerebral effects that will give you a relaxing and calm vibes towards the latter part of the high that will give you couchlock making it a good night time strain.

  • Harlequin Strain

This strain has a THC and CBD ratio of 5:2 which is intriguing. It may not have the usual THC level but it would still give a relatively high potency because of the high level of CBD. This strain came from three powerful Sativas: Swiss Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Columbian Gold all have healing properties that are why Harlequin Strain has extravagantly medicinal properties.

This strain has a pleasant flavor and aroma of balanced sweetness and spiciness. It has beautiful yellowish-green leaves that have orange pistils. This strain is a great help to combat inflammation, chronic pain, and fatigue.

  • Nightingale Strain

This Indica dominant hybrid strain has a wide range level of THC and CBD that is influenced by its parents CD-1 and Oldbury. It has a 10-15% THC level and 15-20% CBD level that gives a therapeutic high with a relaxing vibe suitable for those who are experiencing fatigue, stress, and anxiety. This strain is also helpful for those who are suffering from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation because of its balanced energy and relaxing properties. 

The color of this strain has the shades of purple and exhibits the flavors and aroma of sweet berries and citrusy lemon. This strain can be grown outdoors and in cold climate where its characteristics are amplified. 

  • Hurricane Strain

This strain is a hybrid strain that features a THC level of 18 percent and a CBD level of 14.95%. This strain is considered as a daytime time strain that provides alertness, focus, euphoria, and motivation. This strain is popular in treating conditions such as attention deficit disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. 

This strain has an aroma of earthiness and spiciness that is exhibited through its long and dense nugs with amber and crystal trichomes. It will grow tall and thin in outdoors that will give you relatively high yields.

  • Stephen Hawking Strain

This strain has a relatively high level of THC and CBD. Its THC level is at 12% while its CBD level is at 14%. It has an appealing appearance of its medium-sized buds that are spherical in shape and its orange and pink pistils compliment its fluffy leaves. Aside from its appealing appearance, this strain has embedded the smell of berries and grapes with subtle notes of hash.

Its physical effects release waves of relaxation accompanied by feelings of well-being making it a great strain for those who are stressed, depressed and for those who are having panic attacks. This is a daytime strain that can be partnered up in exercising, hiking, and sex.

  • Lemon G Strain

This strain has an Indica and Sativa properties from its parents G13 and Lemon Skunk. This strain has a THC level of 15.9% and a CBD level of 11.39% making it a truly potent strain. Another thing that is remarkable about this strain is its smell that has strong notes of lemon and pine. It also has a fluffy nugs appearance that is highly frosted with white trichomes.

This strain will give you a complete euphoric and uplifting high that will consistently give you a clear-headed high with a peaceful state of mind. This is a perfect strain for those who want to take a break from the pain. It is also widely used to treat some mental disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

  •  Sweet and Sour Widow Strain

This strain is an Indica dominant strain with a balanced level of THC and CBD at 11%. These two cannabinoids offer medicinal assistance for both mental and physical pain such as fatigue,  depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. The effects of relaxation focused, and arousal can be felt within 15 minutes. 

As it grows maturely, it exhibits a thick cast of white resin glands. It has a pleasant taste and aroma of sweet onions that gives a smooth smoke on the lungs. 

  • Catatonic Marijuana Strain

This strain is known as the all-star marijuana strain because it can give a potent high while it can act as a powerful medicinal strain. It has a balanced ratio of CBD and THC which is 12% CBD and 15% THC level. 

The high caused by THC has energy booster properties that won’t give you couchlock but it will definitely make you creative and focus the whole day. The common usage of this strain in the medicinal field aids in the loss of appetite, pain, depression, and anxiety.

  • Chem Beyond Diesel Strain

This strain is considered as a CBD-rich strain because of its ratio over the level of THC. It has a 15% CBD level and a 12% THC level making it an ideal strain for a potent medicinal and recreational strain. This strain got its characteristics from its parent Chemdawg and that is a member of the Diesel family. You will be delighted to try this strain because of its distinct scents of lemon, pepper, spices, and diesel. 

Since this strain produces an aromatic resin is great for extractions. This strain is great for chronic pain and for mood enhancer that will last for hours. Just watch out for and munchie feeling when overdosed.

  • Canna-Tsu

This strain is crossbred from Cannatonic and Sour tsunami that has a high potency level between its THC and CBD level. It has a THC level of 11% and a CBD level of 10%. It offers a clear-headed high that won’t give you any disorientation and it as the typical effects of cannabis that brings complete relaxation.

Once ground, you’ll smell a very pungent aroma of citrus fruits, sugary candy, and floral with hints of earthy tones. This strain is small despite its dense appearance. It has an orange pistil that complements its dark green leaves.

Final Thoughts

Depression is a serious mood disorder that needs to be attended to as soon as possible because if left uncured, it may cause other problems, worst it may lead to death. It is always important that before using cannabis for depressed individuals, professional help is needed to assist you with dosage.

Growing Marijuana in Aeroponics

Marijuana in Aeroponics

Aeroponics nurtures plants with their rootlets dangled in the air in a grow room, with no means, in a sealed-circuit practice. Nutrient-abundant water is sprinkled on the roots of the bushes as they sway in the wind. This moderately infection-free setting enables plants to develop at higher quantities so you can get more cuttings per square meter than any supplementary method of completion.

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a process of producing marijuana plants that work no tool for the rootlets. It’s a technique of hydroponic growing where the roots are swung in the air as the minerals and liquid are distributed via a practice that continuously showers the roots.

The original fields with no soil conditions were acquired in the 1920s. It grew widespread among experts because producing a plant’s roots farther from the soil caused examining root arrangements more accessible. It wasn’t until the 1970s that indoor developing systems like hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics devised the workroom for nonprofessional and business marketing.

It is a method of producing plants that give many benefits for cannabis growing. The microbes on the shoot are in an oxygen-abundant condition, which enables the microbe’s moment to absorb the minerals and to get them instantly accessible to the plant’s circulatory system. Well-rotating Carbon Dioxide in the place provides additional intensify completion.

How does it work?

To achieve this, aeroponic methods have a particular structure. The practice is comprised of two central points: the storage and the cultivator garden. The storage or reservoir is where the liquid stock is saved and monitored for excellence and nutrient balance, and the planter bed is where the plants are produced. Planter beds can occur in many forms, but their principal hallmarks comprise a misting method, sewerage system, and practice for maintaining and distributing the rootlets from the shoot. Ultimately, to attach the two, pumps are applied to transfer constantly the water.

Step By Step Guide


  • Punch holes in the bucket lid

Catch your hole saw and the container cover and knock numerous gaps in it, hinging on how many plants you intend on developing in that one container. You can make one plant per container, but that won’t produce in prominent harvests and massive quantities of marijuana.

When choosing to develop marijuana in an aeroponic system, it is frequently sound to produce more than one plant in a container, so why not start with 7 or 9?

  • Place net pots

Set the screen containers into the newly pierced cuts you just initiated on your canister cover. You can likewise purchase a commercially prepared roof with net pots previously established if you don’t tend consuming extra money on that.

Quibble one in each pocket on the cover, and shove the lid down on the container. Make assured the screen pots suit adequately.

  • Setting up the pump

Conscientiously twist the interweaved poly split-off riser to the hydroponic pump and set the pump on the base of the container. Get sure you struck the threaded grower to the wanted elevation and combine a threaded 360 sprayer cover.

Hydro pumps with power vessels are the most reliable method to make sure your pump will remain in one place.

  • Connect the hoses/tubes

Operate the pump connection through one of the screen potholes and secure it toward the timer. Regularly fixed the timer for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off as that will hold your watering sessions throughout which the sources will drive in liquid and minerals, and then consequently drain off.

Pack with at slightest 2 gallons of water (approximately 8 liters), install your plants in the screen container and allow the spreading start.

Advantage of using Aeroponics

Aeroponics is presently the most valuable approach to produce cannabis, so it isn’t excellent for developing a considerable amount, at slightest not yet. It appears, however, allow the tremendous measure of authority for producers attending to license new strains and enhance strength.

Products produced in aeroponic systems have the most prominent yield of trichomes. Aeroponic systems additionally enable producers to decrease the frequency of pesticides in their services by reducing the risk of contaminants in the manner with the removal of soil. These systems likewise use up less range than hydroponic and outdoor plant equipment because the plants’ taproot systems don’t necessitate to compete for scope.

Aeroponics enables bulbs to be installed closer unitedly as they are not struggling for soil section. The reduction of soil also goes for swift and prosperous results and limits insects generally correlated with soil from ever accessing your marijuana market place. Ultimately, aeroponics utilizes a very inadequate measure of water as all the liquid not being brought in by the plants is reclaimed.

Even if aeroponics doesn’t ascend evenly over the succeeding several years, it will still be an essential component of the business. As the cannabis enterprise grows ever more complicated, corporations with large-system hydroponic and even outdoor marketing pieces of equipment are consolidating aeroponics into their company for merchandise improvement. The progress of strains is critical for producers attending to identify themselves. Nobody desires to increase the Bud Light of marijuana.

Marijuana Resort

Aeroponics is not for Beginners

A very little border of absurdity in an aeroponic system produces damage.

A producer should be conventional to how cannabis breeds and what a nutritious plant seems like, so difficulties become visible early in the method. For example, if electrical energy suspends for any reason, plants will wither and decay rather fast because there is no liquid at their origins.

You’ll demand to have a special eye on your devices to create sure your plants don’t have bare points where the vapor isn’t grasping the roots – particularly as the origin system produces. If you are not systematically tilted, this may not mean the method for you. As an aeroponic producer, you require to sense satisfactory following vapors, pumps, and tubes as needed to maintain your system in an excellent functioning system.

You’re practically equipped to produce shoots into your plant room. Always identify that sanitation and cleanliness are necessary for the completion of your plant. 

Begin with a reliable, accurate location before any machine moves in, wash up after you combine each new element to your plant place and have your grow chamber as neat as you would trust your doctor’s facility is. Any application that you can perform to guarantee sanitation in your location is an intricacy that you are stopping. Restraint is always more natural than restorative.

How to Care for Marijuana Seedlings

Care marijuana seedlings

The marijuana seed is the foundation of your cannabis plant, it can make or break your grow. Being able to take care of your seeds will help you have a successful yield. If you are a grower, it is a must to know and to identify the needs of your seeds because you will not only invest your money but your time and effort as well

Characteristics of a High-Quality Cannabis Seed

  • A cannabis seed must be true to its type. If for example, the seed is a Sativa strain, it should carry the identifying characteristics of a Sativa genetics.
  • A cannabis seed must be pure, vigorous, and is high yielding. 
  • A cannabis seed should be fresh or at the right age before germinating and planting.
  • An indication that a cannabis seed is still viable if it contains 8-12% moisture content and that it has a more than 80% germination rate.

Ways to Take Good Care of Your Seeds


  • Maintain proper grow room  temperature, humidity and moisture level

In taking good care of your cannabis seeds from the very first step, make sure that when you would proceed to the germination process ensure to maintain the proper temperature of the grow room where you place the seeds for how many days and to ensure that the seeds will sprout you need to maintain that the moisture level of the seeds.

  • Way of  storing cannabis seeds

If you intend to keep your cannabis seeds for future use, it is important to make sure to practice good hygiene in all the materials that you will be using to conserve the freshness of the seeds. The container that you should use is clean and sanitized, you may also need to use a container that will help regulate the humidity level. 

  • Doing the proper germination method

There are different ways on how to proceed with the germination method but what matters most if the process is being carried out correctly. The germination process is one of the most important stages that determine if you will have a successful yield.

How to Identify a Healthy Seed


  • Physical appearance

Healthy cannabis seeds have aesthetic qualities that can easily be determined when compared to poor quality seeds. A healthy cannabis seed holds a seed that has a dark color with elements of black, brown or grey. Some strains have a tiger-looking seed strain. If the cannabis strain has a greenish or whitish appearance most likely, these seeds are still immature so there is no way for them to sprout. The healthy seed is often hard and it can’t break easily because of a coating wax on their shells.

  • Size and shape

A healthy seed can be identified easily when compared to an immature seed. A healthy seed would have an asymmetrical shape or tear-drop shape. While an immature or poor seed will show small, flat or mishappen seeds.

  • Hardness and durability

A quality cannabis seed has a hard outer shell that has a smooth surface without any cracks or crinkles. a seed that is squishy, pliable or tender should no longer be planted because it would only result poorly.

  • Weight

A heavy seed would lead to higher quality because it contains moisture and nutrients. An unhealthy seed tends to be lighter because it has no capabilities to contain needed moisture and nutrients.

  •  Float Test

The float test is another way to check if the seed is viable or not. You’ll just need to drop the seed into the water. If the seeds will sink within 1 hour, it is an indication that it is a viable seed that has a higher chance of successful germination. 

Signs that the Seeds Is Unhealthy


  • If the seeds fail to germinate

There is a possibility that the reason why your seed failed to germinate is because of too much or too low temperature, the soil dried out or the seeds are improperly stored before use.

  • The seeds decayed when planted

When the seedlings died after planting it there is a possibility that the seed had a disease and there is little chance of reviving it. There is also a possibility that the soil is not sterilized, the container used is not hygienic, the seedlings were improperly spaced and that there is excessive moisture.

  • The leaves of the newly sprouted seeds curl

If this happens, there is a possibility that there is too much light exposure or you over fertilized it. Newly sprouted seedlings need to receive an average level of every factor that needed for growth. Overly exposure to light and overfeeding of nutrients should be avoided during this phase.

  • It shows poorly developed roots

The possible cause of this is exposure to low temperature, the soil that was used is compacted that is why there is no proper air circulation and that the fertilizer that was used has damaged mineral content.

Tips in Using Marijuana Seeds the Right Way

  • Before planting the sprouted seeds, make sure that the soil is moisturized by watering it so that you can easily place the newly sprouted seeds.
  • In the germination process, make sure that the paper towel that you will be using will not lose its wetness. You may need to sprinkle it with water from time to time so that the seeds will not lose its moisture.
  • It is best to use a cannabis seed that is already mature, an indication of mature cannabis seed is the tiger stripes indicated on the sides of the seed. Usually, a large-looking seed tends to yield more hardy and vigorous cannabis plant.
  • The cannabis seeds should be kept in a temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit to induce sprouting. You may place it on top of the fridge, near the window sill or in a heating pad. If the right temperature is sustained, you can be sure that you will have the results within 48 hours.
  • Make sure not to pour water directly into the newly planted seedlings because it may disrupt its placement. You can just sprinkle the seedlings using a water sprinkler or using 1-2 tablespoon of water.

Final Thoughts

Taking good care of your seed is one of the most important things to consider to have a successful yield. Even though you would invest in high-quality growing equipment if your seeds are not healthy or viable then it would be useless. If you know how to differentiate a viable cannabis seed from an unhealthy cannabis seed then you would be saved from having fail cannabis grow.

How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain for You

Choose right marijuana

Marijuana is now becoming better accepted in the world today as legalization in North American states and countries have allowed people to use the plant for recreational purposes. As such, there are now more and more people using marijuana, which is now at an all-time high in terms of its popularity. Even people who have never smoked weed before are now into the cannabis craze as they have heard and experienced the benefits that weed can offer them both recreationally and medicinally.

That said, if you are interested in trying out marijuana for the first time, it might be a bit difficult to do so because there are plenty of strains out there depending on what you need. As such, we have come up with a simple guide to help you choose the right marijuana strain for you.

  • Purpose

The first thing you should first think of when you want to smoke weed is the purpose of doing so. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to use marijuana other than the simple recreational and medicinal reasons. 

For starters, recreational marijuana can be used for a variety of purposes. Some use it to feel energized at the start of the day or for what we call as “wake and bake” because some strains tend to invigorate or energize the mind and the body. Some use it to take the edge off and to feel a little bit less nervous or anxious because of how weed can help relax the entire state. In relation to that, there are those who use marijuana’s relaxing properties to feel better mentally and physically after a long day and to eventually fall asleep. Meanwhile, there are those who actually love the psychoactive and trippy experience they get from smoking weed.

Medicinally, there are also a lot of reasons why doctors or licensed healthcare professionals prescribe weed for self-medication. Marijuana is known to have anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties that help kill off chronic pain or even relax the muscles to relieve the body of spasms. Cannabis is also effective at treating symptoms of depression and other mood-related disorders because of its euphoric properties. It can even help you fight off lethargy and fatigue.

Whatever your purpose is, make sure that the marijuana strain you are planning on using is effective at providing you those recreational and medicinal benefits.

  • Taste

Believe it or not, the taste of marijuana is actually what some people go for when choosing the right strain for them. It might seem odd but different strains of weed also have differences in terms of taste. It really depends on how such strains were developed and on their ancestry as well as other factors such as the way they were cultivated and where they were grown.

There are marijuana strains that take the fruity and sweet approach when it comes to flavor. Such strains also differ in terms of how they taste. There are those that taste like berries while some take on a tropical or citrus kind of flavor.

Some strains also have a bit of earthiness in their taste. It is not uncommon for some varieties of marijuana to have a bit of peppery taste while some also have hints of nutmeg or cinnamon or other natural spices. Some earthy strains even taste like coffee or chocolate in the best way possible.

Marijuana is usually known for that dank and skunky kind of pungent strain that actually fills the room with an odor that not a lot of people enjoy. In that regard, some people actually love strains that taste that way. This kind of scent and flavor is what marijuana is usually associated with, and it is quite understandable in the sense that there really are a lot of strains that smell and taste that way.

If the flavor is your major concern, there are plenty of great-tasting strains that offer a good combination of taste and effects. Some people might suggest Blue Dream or maybe Chocolope. Jack Herer might also be a good choice for you if you want something that does not only taste good but also has good effects. And speaking of effects…

  • Effects

Different strains of marijuana have different effects. Such effects are usually dictated by the species of marijuana you are using. For example, indica weed strains usually have a relaxing effect that makes you feel lethargic, lazy, and sleepy. Meanwhile, sativa cannabis strains are known for their high-energy effects, invigorating type of high, and euphoric buzz. However, in this day and age, hybrids are becoming the more popular types of marijuana because of how they combine the effects of both indica and sativa well.

Hybrids, while not as potent in making you feel relaxed or energized as pure indicas or pure sativas, are pretty great for people who love the best of both worlds. Some hybrids lean more towards either their indica or sativa sides but they promise to have a good mix of both effects. 

When it comes to the effects of a strain, you also have to look at how potent it is. A certain strain of marijuana might have great relaxing effects but it might have a THC level too high for you to take. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical compound that induces the psychoactive effect that marijuana is known for. The higher the THC count, the more potent the trippy high is. In that regard, some people are unable to enjoy the effects they get from marijuana because of the high THC count while others really love strains that are as potent as possible.

If you are more concerned with the medicinal qualities of cannabis, you have to look at the cannabidiol or CBD count. CBD is the second-most abundant chemical compound found in marijuana. While it does not have the psychoactive properties of THC, CBD is mostly responsible for the many medicinal qualities you can get from weed. As such, strains with high concentrations of CBD and lower levels of THC tend to be the most popular medical marijuana strains out there.

Can’t choose the right strain for you? Here are some of the more popular strains you might want to choose from:

  • Blue Dream
  • White Widow
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Blueberry
  • Durban Poison
  • Northern Lights
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Super Silver Haze
  • OG Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Jack Herer
  • ACDC

How to Grow Marijuana in a Grow Box

Grow Marijuana Grow Box

If you aspire to develop marijuana indoors, plant boxes can obtain an exceptional choice. They produce a comparatively meager and confined place in which to improve your bulbs. 

Even though establishing a distinct can be entertaining and gratifying, off the counter grow box tools begin with all the expertise and expertise of the companies built-in. Hydroponic farmers often grapple with catering even and excellent states to their plants. Indoor cannabis farmers are dually excited because they also trouble about fragrance restraint and having their cannabis plants protected.

What is a Grow Box?

Exclusive marijuana grows box scheme will allow you to build and manage your private growing conditions such as the sun, mist, breeze, air, minerals, and insect handle.

The grow box supply inventory are the ff: Three 4 foot x8 foot sheets of half-inch lumber or OSB beam. Split in share to make six – 4-foot x 4-foot sections Six parts of 2×2 – 8-foot deep wood 8 feet of 1×2 wood and 8 measures of meager embroidery a weight of thin timber bolts, 1.5 inches long white paste other parts varying upon plan (blades, glass, light).

Types of Grow Box

Open style cannabis grow box applies the light in the corresponding field as the developing area. This needs a drain opening in the ceiling near the light and one in the surface of the carton. This is the easiest, with all wind released to a particular terminal. Special attention is needed to guarantee the plants don’t develop too adjacent to the light. They normally guess when it’s too warm and swing apart.

Enclosed style grow box utilizes a single layer of glass to divide the light from the plant area. This enables the divide emitting of the bulb temperature from box fragrances, decreasing useless warmth for fresh climate working. If you intend to utilize an HID bulb, then this entails three openings in the ceiling. Practice the opening in the middle for the light drain outlet, another for light aperture input, and apart for the grow box chimney passageway.

Having your Grow Box


  • Size of your Box / Tent

The larger the canvas, the more you’ll accumulate. The grow tent should not do more profound than 62 inches, or you’ll work into place obstacles. If you originate with HPS or CMH lights, the canopy should be no deeper than 72 inches.

You will hold a plant light and a cooler inside the canvas which likewise uses up scope. And if the canopy is too deep, the plants will begin reaching the light, and they’ll get pulsated.

  • Grow Light

The light is remarkably significant. The brighter your plants grow, the more you’ll accumulate. No light can get intimate in-depth.

  • Air Requirements

You demand to give airflow inside your grow canvas. Or else your cannabis strangle. A wind penetrate is obliged to eliminate the powerful cannabis fragrance. Without a permeate, your home will perceive like marijuana.

  • Pots

These are not the standard solid synthetic containers, but those operations as well. Instead, these are cloth containers because plants produce abundantly in these. Water can consume properly and oxygen arrives the rootstocks. The larger the pots you employ, the healthier your plants mature.

  • Potting Mix

We spread on the soil because it’s a lot lighter than setting up a hydroponic practice. You desire to purchase the most suitable soil workable. Conventional potting mix is the framework for salubrious bushes. You could provide 9 plants within your grow case.

Benefits of Grow Box


Compact – While grow canopies are often practiced by cannabis growers and other indoor producers to produce excellent shapes for plants, these produce a more massive production and use up more area than their meagerer grow closet relatives. Most plant cabinets are slim and reach solely several feet high, giving them amazingly space-storing and versatile to any indoor environment. Grow cabinets are inadequate enough to be employed in a studio, dormitory, lockers, vault, carport, corridor, or elsewhere. Plus, most are featherweight, adaptable, and comfortable to fix up.

Complete – Grow Cabinets become perfect will coolers and permeable for air-conditioning and air nature, plant lights and mirror interiors for excellent lighting throughout all periods of germination and locking abilities for appended camouflage, particularly valuable to cannabis producers. Most grow boxes also incorporate other elements, such as pumps, timers, minerals, pH regulators, and grow means.

Economical – Don’t be frightened by some of the huge cost cards. As we discussed before, grow closets come comprehensive with all the segments you require to begin expanding (containing plant lights, drains, blowers, pumps, and grow mechanisms). Consequently, you don’t demand to acquire these details independently. Plus, grow cupboards will produce years of consecutive yields. So, an expense in a grow cabinet is a smart and efficient property in the long route.

Discreet – The added convenience overgrows shelters – particularly for cannabis farmers – is the unobtrusive variety of growing lockers. Their presentation relates a dorm fridge, steel cabinet, secure box, or warehouse closet. Most secrecy produces cabinets need a latchkey, fastener, or customized cryptogram to access, presenting an appended coat of security. It is no accident, then, those cannabis producers appear, particularly guard developing their plant inside a grow cupboard.

Odor Control – As you may remember, cannabis has a unique and sharp fragrance. Greens and herbs – much mean so. Hence, marijuana growers will particularly acknowledge the fragrance-eliminating peculiarities of agrow closets. Duplicate (charcoal) filters are applied to prevent the scent of marijuana so your existence area stays odor-free and your cannabis growing lives secretively and approximately intangible.

Adaptable – Growers can modify the circumstances within their plant cabinets, including the light, warmth, moisture, coolness, and watering program. These embedded grow cases provide the grower to provide the most eminent degree indoor yields reasonable because the producer is in complete command of selecting and executing the most suitable growing conditions. Seedlings, duplicate, and developed plants can be efficiently produced inside grow cupboards, as well as hydroponic or soil crops.

Effective – Giving excellent requirements indicates that grow cabinets can provide large producing and most excellent condition products. There are more limited regulating and support needed because all the ingredients inside a grow carton are computerized to make the job for you. And indoor growing suggests that products can get year-round and at an arm’s distance away. Grow closets also grant security toward pests and other insects.

Grow boxes are fascinating to many states who need to grow marijuana indoors. They present a completely-enclosed growing area and provide you the entire power over the developing circumstances. Remove it, secure it in, and you’re able to develop.

How to Identify Marijuana Plants: Female, Male, Hermies & Bananas

how to identify marijuana plants

Like most other species in the world, marijuana plants come in different sexes that each has their own roles. Of course, the two main sexes are male and female. And like most other organisms, marijuana seeds will almost always have a 50% chance to become either male or female. However, there is also no efficient way of telling whether the seeds will turn out to be male or female. In other words, you have to wait for the plants to reach a certain point in their lifespan before you can tell their sex.

Male vs. Female: Why is it important to know the sex?

or cannabis producers who want to make sure that they end up with maximum bud yields for their business, it is very important to tell whether a regular cannabis seed will turn out to be either male or female. The reason for such is that males tend to be useless for bud production. Male marijuana plants do not produce buds but produce pollen sacs instead. And, if you do not know yet, the marijuana’s buds is where the THC and other chemical compounds are at their most abundant. So if you want to make sure that you maximize your profits, avoid the bud-less male cannabis plants.

Bud the absence of buds is not only the reason why males should be avoided. As mentioned, male marijuana plants develop pollen sacs instead of buds. These pollen sacs are the ones responsible for impregnating or pollinating nearby female marijuana plants. So, if you want to produce marijuana seeds, make sure that the males get to pollinate females.

Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? It actually is not as good as you might think it is. While it might be a good idea to produce marijuana seeds, which you can plant later on to cultivate more marijuana plants, the problem is that pollinated females do not put as much effort and energy into developing healthy and high-quality buds. That is because they put all their energy into making sure they develop healthy seeds. As such, you will be left with subpar buds that might not even pass market standards. 

That said, it is important for you to not only keep your marijuana grow space free of males but to also keep your female plants away from male marijuana plants. As much as possible, use feminized marijuana seeds so that you will only end up with female plants. But if you can’t do so, pluck the males out as soon as possible and dispose of them if you are using regular marijuana seeds which will turn out to be male or female.


How to tell them apart?

As mentioned earlier, there is no way for you to tell the sex of a cannabis seed or even of a young marijuana seedling. You have to wait for the plants to reach a certain point in their lifespan before you can tell whether it will end up as either male or female. This might be a bit of a hassle but that is the only possible way for you to tell them apart if you are only using regular cannabis seeds.

Marijuana plants of whatever sex look almost identical as seedlings and up to their vegetative stage. At that point of the young cannabis plant’s life, it is very difficult to tell their sex since they will only be growing stems and leaves. You won’t be seeing any buds or flowers in the first few weeks. As such, you need to wait a bit longer.

Most marijuana plants take at least a month to reveal their sex. There are even those that need one more month depending on the strain you are using and on the conditions you are cultivating them under. In all other cases, cannabis plants will eventually reveal their sex during the pre-flower stage or just when they are done with their vegetative stage and are about to flower. In some cases, male marijuana plants tend to show their sex a week earlier than females. 

You can tell the males apart from the females by looking at the crotch or the point in which a new stem grows from an old one. This is where branches usually grow from the main stem. Look at the “V” point between the branch and the old stem and check whether they grow small ball-like sacs. Those are the first signs that the plants are males. But if they are developing white hairs instead of small balls, the plants will turn out to be female marijuana.

However, there are times when it can be difficult to tell them apart because some females tend to grow small balls instead of hairs. If the balls are pointer than the ones you usually find in males, there is a good chance that these will turn out to be buds instead of pollen sacs. In such cases, it might be better for you to wait a day or two before deciding with finality whether the plant is male or female.

What are hermaphrodites and bananas?

Unsurprisingly, male and female marijuana plants are not the only sexes in the cannabis world. There is also a good chance that some female plants will turn out to be abnormal sexes called hermaphrodites and bananas.

Hermaphroditism is much more common than bananas. Usually, hermaphrodites are the result of environmental stresses and external factors that force female marijuana plants to develop male pollen sacs as a last-ditch effort to pollinate themselves. In that sense, hermaphrodite marijuana plants have both male and female sex organs.

In some cases, the hermaphrodite gene is hereditary. In other words, if the female plant came from a seed that was produced by a hermaphrodite parent, such a plant will carry that trait and will produce seeds that they themselves have a high chance of becoming hermaphrodites.

Meanwhile, bananas are the more uncommon abnormality. Bananas are also hermaphrodites in the sense that they are marijuana plants that have both male and female sex organs. However, what differs them from the usual true hermaphrodite is the appearance of their sex organs.

Bananas get their name from the banana-like pollen sac that grows in the middle of female marijuana flowers. These banana-like sacs are the stamen or the exposed part of the pollen sacs. They are different from the common pollen sac in the sense that they lack the protective casing you usually see in pollen sacs. As such, the no longer need to burst open.

While bananas are not as potent as the regular pollen sacs, they can be just as dangerous or even more dangerous because of how they can immediately pollinate your female flowers without having to burst open. One banana might not do as much damage as one pollen sac but if you have multiple bananas in your grow space, the best thing you need to do is to harvest right away to keep them from pollinating your females. There is still a possibility that the pollen in bananas is sterile but all breeders and growers would tell you to avoid running the risk of ending up with pollinated female flowers.

So the main takeaway here is that you should avoid any plant that has a pollen sac regardless of whether it is a male or a female. That is of course if you are focusing on bud production and not on seed production because there are those who value the existence of hermaphrodites especially when they are producing feminized marijuana seeds.

How to Protect your Cannabis from Animals Outdoors

protect cannabis from animals

Growing cannabis outdoors is a profoundly fulfilling method that enables producers to waste more time and cultivate a more rooted relationship with the environment. However, developing outdoors arrives with its private assemblage of difficulties. Nature is residence to a broad host of creatures that incline plants, and will gladly luxuriate in your cannabis product as a snack.

Cannabis plants, particularly when recent, are at jeopardy from a species of annoyances including snails, caterpillars, loafers, and insects. Marijuana bug control is something growers have had to administer for centenaries. Whether they are duffers, bugs, beasts, or even other individuals, grown plants appear to have a spot on their tails.

At the same period, using severe synthetic commodities to withstand the diseases can be dangerous to you succeeding on. To dodge all that, we have collected a record of some reliable and efficient repellents and other security forethoughts to hold pests gone from your marijuana plants.

Common Enemy

Standard classes of wildlife that have a punch for marijuana compromise venison, rodents and mice, and beetles. Bugs and other insects can cause entire destruction to your outdoor cannabis bushes.  

  • Gophers

They build burrow systems subterrene to accumulate and save food. They essentially endure on nutrition consisting of rootstocks, bushes, and greens, and are not reluctant to chewing on cannabis origins and leaflets. These beings are chiefly individual outside of the breeding period; their sectional environment suggests they often dwell in separate mine operations.

  • Deers

Wild mammals such as the stag are substantial feeders but they are particular on what shrubs to consume. Naturally, they prefer to devour solely the ones that are nutritious and don’t release potent perfumes. However, when they are bequeathed with nothing more, they will transmit no plants sanitary.

  • Moles

Moles are the champion miners of the tangible environment. These delving creatures work their unproportionate immense paws and crooks to obtain their access subterrene. If the rootlets of your marijuana product appear to be in their route, then they may create havoc. Because root well-being is necessary for mineral and water backchat, any damage will get its price on the overall fitness of plants. Moles also surface infrequently and build piles of soil identified as molehills; these are significant marks of their appearance.

  • Birds

Birds are an equivocal weapon within a cannabis field. They are often summoned into greenhouses as a method of natural insect control, eventually swallowing many of the bugs that create destruction to plants. On the other round, they have a desire for cannabis grains.

  • Rabbits

Rabbits are regular companies in the backyard, and they prefer to the festival on the rootlets of the plants when they are undercover. When they are above the terrain, they habitually squash or consume the blades. Hence, they can do repeated vandalism to the cannabis product. Continue to that, if given unrestrained, they can reproduce at a very brisk pace.


Prevent your Enemy to come in-contact with your Cannabis

Although several insects can create difficulties, there are mere as many clarifications to administer with them. Pest supervision benefits change based on inclinations among producers’ place, values, and resources.

  • Used Sterilized Soil

The predicament with contaminated soil is that it can carry the eggs or even worms of some simple cannabis diseases. If you develop your cannabis in that soil, you will stay in for a harsh astonishment when those seeds produce or those caterpillars spring to improve up. This is unusually dangerous for indoor producers because there are no actual hunters inside your residence.

  • Outdoor Pest Control

In herb fields, the species of insect control techniques employed might not mean as much. But for delicious products, like herbs, or cannabis, it’s essential to be careful when analyzing herbicide for your situation.

If you’re suffering utilizing elements on your shrubs or injecting substances to your soil, there is a result named cannabis plant guide, which has been specifically produced for cannabis plants.

  • Companion Plants

Distributing the cannabis greenhouse with several readily repulsive plants is unquestionably an immeasurable idea to have the killers away. Even though the THC that cannabis provides actions as a fundamental repellent in its private equity, it is often not stable enough to withstand all plants.

Companion plants, like mint, cabbage and aromatic plants like onions, are all plants that hold away several various species of insect and ant. Onions can also offend rodents and stag.  To withstand leaf-eating bugs and scarabs that showed, geraniums and marigolds are individually powerful as a companion plant.

These companion plants attach an additional component of growing, which you will demand to discover how to develop and sustain. That’s why it’s essential to not solely know cannabis breeding but passing these other plants as well.

  • Natural Predators

You can get control of a few insect killers. Ladybugs are particularly advantageous to have throughout your outdoor cannabis plants because they prefer to prey on caterpillars and other possible pests.

Uniquely for new farmers, the initial two months of developing cannabis can be expressly deterring. You will require to balance a watering calendar, in enhancement to a countless of other obstacles that may be hindering its completion.

You should also promote pheasants to nest in the field because they frequently prefer to eat on some harmful cannabis bugs. Place out some perches or a bird sidekick to take birds to grow around. Merely obtain sure that they remain away while the seedlings are sprouting because many birds do savor the flavor of marijuana seed.

  • Organic Pesticide

Notwithstanding not having compounds, organic pyrethrins are efficient in averting off pests. This is not solely because of their high consistency but likewise because they manage the plant’s distinct genetic pesticides.

Many farmers have decided for sharp, natural repellents to prevent pests away of both their inside and outside shrubs. Solutions like cinnamon grease, clove lubricant, and coriander oil have all had comparable completion without creating any destruction to the plant. You can efficiently diffuse these repellents immediately onto the cannabis petals with no worry of any unfavorable response.

This might appear like a game, but it positively achieves and it’s possible. Many vertebrates like deer have strong insights into the essence and if they catch a whiff of bear or puma excrement, they will desire to remain as distant away from your cannabis plants as feasible.

  • Build a Fence

If larger creatures are a predicament and the fragrance of their competitors doesn’t prevent them, then you might require to attempt establishing a fence encompassing your plants. Certainly, many cannabis producers don’t hold this extravagance and it’s hardly something that people developing in an isolated country can make

Control your Pets

Cats – Applying fragrances that irritate the cats is an excellent method to put them out. There are also precaution actions like placing up a net or setting the chicken cable on the territory within the plants.

Dogs – A great preventive answer is to establish a firm fence. A water rifle can also run, as well as working sharp repellents.

In overall, the most reliable technique to withstand these bigger troubles is to practice precaution steps. Accomplishing so decreases the uncertainties of trouble to ever transpire in the backyard. So, be bold with the numerous various insects and dispense with them respectively and directly. Executing so will go for a more pleasing horticulture background.

Understanding the several points noted above will work a long distance in saving your plants wholesome and widely unchartered, thus succeeding in the wanted harvests.

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